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Mithrael, also known as silver-steel or deep-steel, is a creation of the ancestors of the Dellvo-kin during the Heroic Golden Age, and describes an alloy of metal both lighter and stronger than normal steel. While a somewhat rare sight outside of the cities of the Dellvo-kin, the effects this material has had on the crafts of weapon and armorsmithing cannot be denied.


Material Characteristics

Mithrael is a silvery-green metal that is both lighter and stronger than normal steel, which can be forged into all manner of arms and armor.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Mithrael is lighter than steel by half and stronger than steel by one-and-a-half, effectively making it twice as good of a material when applied to anything that traditionally uses steel, such as arms, armor, construction materials, tools, and so forth.


Mithrael has no known further alloys, as the unique properties of the metal would be negated by whatever other materials it is bound with.

Geology & Geography

Mithrael is mainly found in Ysrailore, due to it being a magic-based material, though it can be found in the western reaches of both Saeralore and Gjalvalore as well as Vyerigal.

Origin & Source

Mithrael is the creation of proto-Dellvo-kin smiths, though any smith skilled in the Artum school can create the material.

History & Usage


Mithrael was created by proto-Dellvo-kin smiths to serve as a material capable of harming and protecting from demons by those unskilled in Maijure. Even today, it is still primarily used for such a purpose.


Mithrael was discovered by the ancestors of Dellvo-kin smiths skilled in the Artum school of magic, eager to infuse magical potential into normal metals. The result became a material that could be given to the common public in the form of weapons and armor to make them capable of defending themselves from demon attacks.

Everyday use

Mithrael is almost exclusively used in the creation of arms and armor for the purpose of fending off demons.

Industrial Use

Mithrael has little industrial use, as the majority of the available material is crafted and forged into weaponry and armoring.


Mithrael is in its refined state when it exits the creation process.

Manufacturing & Products

All manner of weapons - both melee and ranged as well as ammunition - and armor can be made from Mithrael.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

Mithrael creates no byproducts from its creation process, as the only physical material used in the process is steel that has already been refined.


Mithrael has no observable hazards.

Environmental Impact

Mithrael has no discernable impact on the environment.

Reusability & Recycling

Mithrael items are quite durable, and thus can possibly outlast their users and fall into the hands of another.


Trade & Market

Mithrael is most often sold in the form completed items, but can be found in ingot form on the open market, usually sold by the smith that created the material or the equipment thereof.


Mithrael is a stable metal and can be stored in the same manner as other stable metals.
12 Sanctums per pound.
Mithrael smells slightly of cut grass.
Mithrael has no taste.
Mithrael is a silvery-green in coloration.
Melting / Freezing Point
3500 F (1926 C) / N/a
Common State
Related Species


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