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Vlysk, Handmaiden of Order

(Legacy Content)
I feel like I've known her all my life, and yet this is the first time I've set foot on Sancturalore - and certainly the first time I've met her in person. I can't place what it is, but it's... It's almost as if when she's nearby, you feel like you've done whatever it is you're doing at least twelve times, or had that same conversation a dozen more. It's extremely strange, and to me... well, its worrisome.
— Regulus Vaikyn, on Vlysk after the Third Reclamation
  The handmaiden of Order, and keeper of the Crown of the World, the woman known only as Vlysk is an utter mystery outside of her duties. Her status as an enigma is far more confusing when considering her relationship to Order, from whom she takes commands directly. Additionally, it seems as though Vlysk appears as a different person to everyone viewing her, even when multiple people see her simultaneously. This strangeness is further compounded by a sense of deja-vu felt by many who meet her in person. This has lead many to believe that she is secretly behind the operations of not only the divines, but world events as a whole - although this has been fervently denied by both her and Order.

Physical Description

Special abilities

The "strangeness" - as it is commonly referred to - surrounding Vlysk takes two distinct forms, both of which will be described here in as much detail as possible: 
  • Appearance: Vlysk is known to appear as a completely different woman depending on each individual. This can vary between a wide assortment of ethnicities, skin tone, eye and hair color, as well as any form of blemishes that may or may not be present. People that are made aware of this after the fact - either by being told or discovering it themselves - typically find it strange and jarring, but not much truly for concern. Upon further study, this effect seems to manifest Vlysk with an appearance that the individual will find to be both comforting and attractive, though the former seems to be more prevalent than the latter. Individual perceptions of Vlysk do no change between viewings, only between each individual. 
  • Memory: Vlysk is also known to project a sense of familiarity to everyone that views her in person, though the strength of this effect seems to vary on a few things between individuals: 
  1. The prevalence of the individual in national or international importance. 
  2. The individual's propensity to be inquisitive and ask questions. 
  3. The individual's knowledge of abstract concepts, such as the greater universe, creation theory, and specific mystical knowledge regarding alteration of time and space. 
  4. The strength of this effect scales linearly depending on how many of these conditions are met. 
It is unknown as to why or how this occurs, and Vlysk herself appears to be ignorant to both of these effects. However, the fact that the linear scale of the second effect was recently publicized has lent credence to the point that this handmaiden is far more than she first appears, possibly giving away her nature as the one that is truly behind happenings in our world despite her denying of such.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The person known as Vlysk remains an utter mystery, even to this day of mass information sharing. The few things that are publicly known serve only to provide further questions and generate conspiracies. For instance, she is known to have been around for at least as long as Order themselves following the Second Reclamation. From then on, Vlysk has managed the upkeep of the Crown of the World, and handled all tourism to the location.   This has of course lead to many theories as to the exact nature of her being: is she an otherworldly entity sent here to observe us? An unearthly powerful demon lord hiding in plain sight - waiting for its chance to strike? Or is she simply - as she puts it - a simple, Immutable handmaiden brought in by Order to take care of their home? Many of these questions of course remain either unanswered or merely shaken off as absurd, but one theory remains that seems to hold water in the public consciousness - despite what officials claim. And that is that Vlysk secretly controls either some, most, or all operations surrounding the Crown of the World. Many who hold this belief have taken it even further, suggesting that Vlysk is a powerful entity capable of manipulating time and space, and is responsible for the shaping of world events since the beginning of the Second Era, and even earlier! These theories have been promptly denied, but the strangeness surrounding this maiden keeps debates like these alive throughout the years.
Current Location
Date of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Always 5' 9" (1.8 m)
Average of about 180 lbs (82 kg)


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