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Mystic Traditionalists

(Legacy Content)
Mystic Traditionalists, or simply Traditionalists as they are called in Ysrailore, represent a large portion of the country's population who live outside the major cities, and condemn the implementation of Magitech throughout the lands. The divisive decision made by Knight-King Haedril during his reign in the late Alorean Second Era resulted in an ideologically split populous for centuries, even after his death. And thanks to anti-Magitech terrorist attacks throughout his reign, these Traditionalists have since cemented their belief that such technology will bring about the end of their way of life.


Shared customary codes and values

Traditionalists carry the same system of beliefs set forth by Ysrai during the Alorean First Era, in which denizens of Ysrailore will rely only on magical means to create their societies. They believe that the advent, and more-so the implementation of Magitech will hinder or even compromise that belief system entirely. So they bar themselves from coming into contact with it as much as possible in an effort to preserve their simplistic way of life.
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Additional History

While Mystical Traditionalism continues to be present throughout Ysrailore during the Alorean Third and Fourth Eras, the culture continues to lose prevalence through these times due to the importance Magitech has in maintaining the safety of the planet at large from threats beyond the norm. And thanks to the unification efforts of a certain Regulus Vaikyn, Traditionalists are becoming more and more scarce as the eras go by.


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