Alore The Reunification of Tyrralore

The Reunification of Tyrralore

Political event

25/6 16:00
12/3 12:00

Headed by the matriarch of House Vaikyn, the four separate nations, along with the once nomadic tribes of Oro-kin, unify to face the coming threat.

After being divided on by several issues between the four Tyrralorean houses, the current matriarch of house Vaikyn - once she successfully dethroned the prior house leader in mechanized, gladiatorial combat - manages to persuade the other houses into turning their attention to an apparently fast approaching demonic calamity poised to retake the surface world. During this time, both the Oro-kin and The Doeveiga are established as citizens within the Tyrralorean state, further supplementing the preparation efforts. Additionally, several issues between the houses which originally kept them divided were resolved during this time, such as the rightful head of Tyrralore and the issue of Oro-kin citizenship as described above.

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