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The Gallant Basilica

(Legacy Content)
The Gallant Basilica is a large and extraordinary structure that houses the operations of the Knights of Gothrane as it has done since its construction in early in the Second Era, alongside the city of Troydres. The structure itself is built above the organization's main Gallantry maintenance and construction facility, and serves to teach the history of the Knights to all those who visit, be they tourists or natives. Even since the beginning of the Tyrralorean civil war, and the farse between the four noble houses, the Basilica continued to serve as headquarters of Troydres' knights, and was reinstated as the primary headquarters once the conflict died down.

Purpose / Function

The Basilica itself serves a variety of purposes. Firstly, its halls are engraved with the history of the Knights of Gothrane and its founder, Aerielle Gothrane, which is taught to all those who take the tour of the public sections of the building. This helps the economy of Troydres as well as granting the Knights additional funding. Secondly, it serves as the headquarters of the organization, suitable for planning battles, handling logistics, and other forms of daily operation. And finally, the structure sits on top of, and protects an entrance to, the main Gallantry facilities, which are used for the maintenance, upkeep, and construction of said Gallantries, alongside the majority of the organization's knight training functions.


Typically, the Gallant Basilica is visited by Tyrraloreans from all around the country once the Tyrralorean Civil War died down towards the end of the Second Era. Although, some international tourists find their way to the structure upon visiting the city. Regardless, all tours of the Basilica include a deep explanation of the history of the Knights of Gothrane, alongside an occasional showing of Gallantries by some well-liked and well-known Knights.
Founding Date
1 Tyrrazel, 32 ASE
Alternative Names
Cathedral / Great temple
Owning Organization
Characters in Location


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