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Greenpasture Caravan


Originating from the Trade-Knights of Bridgehome, Greenpasture Caravans wander the Shardlands taking goods from one Shard to the next. For some of the less resource-rich Shards, these Caravans supply luxuries that would otherwise be unobtainable by the various Shardsteaders. By law of the Queen, these Caravans must maintain fair pricing and are not allowed to change the prices of goods depending on the Shard they are visiting.
With fair pricing and growing varities of merchandise have made Caravans an important part of people's lives with some Shards even declaring that no work must be done on "Caravan Days". This is not to say the Caravans are without critics, many budding merchants find it difficult to compete with the Caravan's seemingly endless wealth.

Caravans of Variety

Create a Caravan based on leatherworking.
Create a Caravan based on blacksmithing.
Create a Caravan based on tailoring.
Create a Caravan based on reagents.
Create a Caravan based on creature/monster parts.

General Information

Forced to be Fair.


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