Basilio's Circus Caravan

From the distance, chipper music plays. It is getting near nightfall and the shadows shroud the road. Down the road comes the array of wagons of bright reds roll into view. The music increasing in volume. From the front wagon a man of red skin in a fitted suit of maroon. A top hat covers his eyes as he looks to the road, horns poking through the hat. The only feature on his face visible is the massive smile across his face.   Looking up the glowing eyes of the entertainer Basilio alert the city to who is to come. With a boast Basilio's voice echoes throughout the town, "One and all, the Basilio Circus is here!"   From the wagons behind, acrobats spring into dances and lights are cast into the air from Basilio's sleeves. The music intensifies and singing takes the entrance to the town. A tent is erected as the music comes to a crescendo. Basilio ends with that devilish grin and ends with "Let's put a smile on that face."   Every town that Basilio comes to is brought joy in its wake. A show of colorful magic, entertainment, and stories that lasts for several days. Basilio's favorite saying is "You are naked without a smile, and I intend the cloth the world." His shows come with an array of musicians, plays, comedians, and other performers to entertain people of all ages.   While undoubtedly it brings joy, there are many mysteries about the Caravan. Rumors have said that people disappear when the circus leaves creating the saying "Running Away with the Circus." On top of that, it's said that no one has seen it on the road. The circus just appears in town. Some have claimed that speaking with Basilio is a puzzle itself. He can weave words to trick and confuse. Many ignore these rumors in favor of enjoying Basilio's Circus and hope the rumors are just rumors.


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