Shooting Star Wagons

Come get your Bottled Starlight!

The Shooting Star Wagons are a collection of merchant wagons that have one additional ware you will not find other places: Bottled Starlight. These Wagons don't openly advertise that they are selling the well-known alcoholic beverage, as it is illegal to produce and distribute.  
No one but the buyers and sellers knows how to tell the difference between the Shooting Star Wagons and the normal wagons.   Let's hope it stays that way!
— Frequent buyer of Bottled Starlight

A Hidden Market

Only a specific group of people have the knowledge needed to identify the Bottled Starlight sellers. The only people who have been given the knowledge, are those who are in contact with possible buyers. No one is allowed in on the secret unless they have been confirmed to have no affiliation with local law enforcement and government.  

The Shooting Star

There is one discreet thing that can clue you in on who is operating a shooting star wagon. All wagons are made out of wood, and therefore, it is very easy to carve things into the woodwork.
  The symbol carved into the wagons by the Star-Weavers is a shooting star. However, it is not any shooting star symbol.   The symbol has to meet the following requirements:
  • Contain a five-pointed star
  • Inside the star, there needs to be a pentagon
  • Additionally, five lines need to be inside the star, they need to go from the star-tips to the pentagon tips.
  • 3 dotted lines need to be added, to signify the "tail" of the shooting star.
  This means that the final look of the star can warry from wagon to wagon. As long as it meets the requirements, you can purchase bottled starlight there.
Merchant Wagon   Well-Known Wares
Bottled Starlight   Operated By

Profession | Oct 27, 2020

A person who brews the alcoholic drink known as Bottled Starligt.This profession is outlawed in the north of Dysvoll.

If you have any knowledge of distribution of illegal alcoholic beverages, please contact the National Town Guard!
— Poster seen around Bredtkiping
Bottled Starlight
Item | Oct 27, 2020

An outlawed alcoholic drink brewed by Star-Weavers.

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I really love that the carving of the star has to meet specific requirements. Also, I'm not an alcohol drinker but I would definitely try something called Bottled Starlight. :D

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