Outlawed Brewers

A star-weaver is a person who creates the homebrewed drink known as Bottled Starlight, a common drink found around Kanden. This occupation has been outlawed by Bredtkiping, Hanalund and Estratoft.  
The star-weavers operate in secrecy. They don't care that their craft is illegal, it's good money.   It brings gold to their pockets and a smile on the customers face.
— Citizen of Venteft

The Supplier of the Poor

The Star-weavers are usually people with normal jobs and lives, who have chosen to take up brewing as a side hobby or hustle to gain more money. Usually, most of the poor people in the community will know who the local Star-weaver is.
This is because they're the star-weavers most loyal customers. Alcohol prices are quite steep around the northern parts of Dysvoll. Therefore, people with less money must take other routes to obtain spirits.  

A killer of the poor

However, the reason this profession is outlawed is not that it gives the poor access to wares often reserved for the rich.   Rather, it is banned because the products brewed by the Star-Weavers don't meet the standard required by the law. It's often produced in unsafe environments, which haven't been properly sterilized. The equipment isn't up to par and this can lead to badly produced alcohol.   Many poor inhabitants in Kanden die each year due to contaminated Bottled Starlight.  

The Shooting Star Wagons

Most Star-brewers sell their products in their local area. However, some have taken this line of trade up as their main source of income. To live off of being a Star-weaver, they often take their product on the road and become travelling merchants of sorts.   However, they don't officially state what they are selling. The cart they use will be branded with a shooting star, which indicated that they sell Bottles Starlight.   These wagons are usually referred to as Shooting Star Wagons.
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