Bottled Starlight

Cheap but possibly deadly

Bottled Starlight is the nickname given to the alcoholic drink made by Star-Weavers. This beverage is illegally produced and distributed to those who seek it. This specific type of homebrewed, outlawed alcohol is mostly seen around Kanden.  

Controlling Public Health

Homebrewed alcohol is not rare in most parts of Dysvoll, and the bottled starlight has been made in Kanden for many years. However, until recently, it hadn't as such been a problem, nor many people's first choice of alcohol.  

A Rise in Alcohol Related Deaths

The governments of Hanalund, Bredtkiping and Estratoft all saw a surge in deaths from alcohol poisoning and what seemed to be alcohol induced liver failure around the year 1500 ADF. There was a dramatic rise in people loosing their jobs due to frequent intoxication while at work as well, and it became a growing problem for the three countries. Not only were their populations seemingly drinking themselves to death, those who didn't die didn't manage to hold jobs and didn't contribute to society.  

The Solution

To solve this worrisome problem, the governments put in laws for how alcohol had to be brewed, how high the alcohol percentage could be as well as a law that dictated that alcohol could only be sold at establishments that had received a permit by the government.   The first couple of years, this seemed to have a positive impact on the number of deaths related to alcohol intake. However, the success didn't last.
Due to a worrying rise in Deaths related to alcoholic drinks, the government has decided to tighten the law regarding all alcohol and production there off.   Alcohol may only be produced and sold in establishments assessed and approved by the government. Furthermore, the alcohol must be quality tested as well as have under 50% alcohol in it.
— the Government of Bredtkiping in 1509 ADF

The New Problem

After around 5 years, the number of alcohol related deaths was once again on the rise, despite the establishments not selling more alcohol than they had did the years before. An investigation was executed to find the cause, and it seemed that the people of Kanden had not been ready to give up their alcohol.   This led to casual alcohol brewers to take up the mantle of Star-Weavers, who brewed the illegal Bottled Starlight. This alcohol was often tainted because it was brewed in unsafe and unsterile environments. Now the deaths weren't only from alcohol but also other poisons in some of the illegal beverages which were much more deadly. Tainted Bottled Starlight has since this time caused more deaths on average each year than common alcohol poisoning.
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Consumable, Food / Drink
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Profession | Oct 27, 2020

A person who brews the alcoholic drink known as Bottled Starligt.This profession is outlawed in the north of Dysvoll.

Shooting Star Wagons
Vehicle | May 31, 2021

A wagon used to sell illegal alcohol known as Bottled Starlight.

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