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Arellen's Water Wagon

When the clanging bells are heard entering the gates of Lawke's Academy, students hold their breath in anticipation of beholding its magi-chanical marvels. When the clanging bells are heard approaching a farm or home, citizens sigh in relief that their world won't go up in smoke. When the clanging bells are heard from the driver's seat, Arellen Jones breathes easy knowing she is precisely where she needs to be.   Arrellen's Water Wagon is a grown woman's response to the tragedy that befell her as a child. With a little help from mechanical constructs and summoned elementals, it is a two-person fire brigade capable of putting out just about any blaze.


Arllen's Water Wagon is pulled by team of six large "Blink Spiders" of Arllen's manufacture. These detach and function as fire suppressors on arrival to a blaze.

Weapons & Armament

Blink Spiders x6

  • The size of very large dog, with a full-sized keg for an abdomen.
  • Made from an amalgam of metal and wooden parts, specifically treated to be fire resistant.
  • Quick-release harness allows for quick saddling-up and dispersion.
  • Magically enchanted to "blink" back into the water reservoir on the wagon for refueling.
    • (effectively a "Misty Step")
  • Can shoot the water from its keg out of its "mouth" to douse flames.
    • (effectively acts as a "Geyser of Endless Water)
  Arellen Jones x1
  • Transmutation Mage & Water Artificer
  Typhis Poole x1
  • Circle of the Coast Druid
  Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals x2

Armor and defense

Fire retardant cloth is used where appropriate, and all wooden elements of the wagon are treated to be fire resistant.

The Fire Wagon, Arellen's Contraption
one of a kind
5 feet
12.5 feet
3" to axel, 9" to top of 'keg'
very, VERY heavy
~25 miles/hr
Complement / Crew
one driver, two passengers on runner boards

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