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Traveling Yatai

The "Traveling Yatai" is a mobile food stand well known in many southern prefectures of Wakoku, both rural and urban.   The Traveling Yatai had its humble beginnings as a wooden two wheeled pushcart that was set up in the early evening on Wakokan walkways until the early morning hours. It started off as place for travelers to get typical home cooked meals while on the road such as a bowl of ramen, or few flavors of sake. What set is apart from other ramen shops was the owner of the establishment, Itsuki. While most stands at the time simply sold food, those who come to the Yatai find Ituski and would often talk to him about their troubles. His shop became renowned as the place where the tired, the downtrodden, or the overworked could find solace just outside of the city. This is due to the first 4 years of service had the shop move around to the crossroads of popular cities. Instead of alienating his clientele, this hospitality apparently encouraged some loyal ones to follow the path that the shop would travel to.     After this half decade, the first big change came with the renovation the stand from a push cart to a 4 wheeled velomobile ridden by Itsuki that carries a wheeled stand. Itsuki was able to find a small bicycle car that was about to be scrapped but he took and renovated it for his business. This investment made it easier for the establishment to travel to its most popular spots as well as stopping by new places in more of the northern parts of the country. Apparently Itsuki decided on the choice due to his beliefs on green vehicles and decided that a pedal powered vehicle worked better for the countryside and nature that he loved to move around and set up his shop around.
Itsuki's Ramen


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