Welton's Wagons of Worldly Wonder and Whimsy

The bards played a lively tune atop the fantastically colored cart as it rolled along the road towards the town. The people of the small town began to pour out of their house into the street. Children yelled and cheered while waving to the cart as they made their way into town. The people of this town, this was surely needed break from the struggles of life. The wagons finally reach the clearing just outside the town. Within hours colorful tents and banner array the field, cages with savage beasts clatter cages, and performers dressed in magnificent outfits. Soon after, a well-dressed top-hatted fellow enters town, and with a flourish, a smile, and speech announces that Welton's Wagons of Worldly Wonder and Whimsy welcomes them all! Cheers and laughter fill the as the show begins.
- Davon DeSalto the Bard
Excerpt from his travel journals

The Wagons

Each wagon in Welton Worthing's troupe of entertainers is handcrafted by his adopted daughter Chavi. Her brilliant engineering genius brings these large colorful and sometimes unfathomable wagons to life. Every wagon is designed specifically to fulfill its designated purpose as well as offer a comfortable living space while on the road. The largest wagon that she has designed has to be pulled by elephants due to its size. Her designs have even allowed some of them to be dismantled and reassembled for performance uses. Currently, the wagons she has designed have been used as portable homes, craft shops, merchant stands, performance stages, animal transportation, and more. The standard wagon for the troupe takes about two months to construction with some of the more specialized, larger, or more complex wagon taking up to 6 months to complete. The caravan currently travels with thirty-five to fifty wagons.


Travel can't be difficult over the varied environment and terrains of Rina, however, Welton has employed a cadre of Arcanists to not only entertain but to use their knowledge and resources to get them around Rina safely and in one piece. They do this in a variety of ways like manipulating the weight of the wagons, transforming the wheels into stronger materials, and help with making repairs easier.  

The Wagon Caravan of Wonder

Welton has gathered over the many years a large collection of some of the most talented professionals in their craft. His caravan currently employs over one-hundred and fifty people, which include the support workers who keep everything running. The troupe is extensively multi-cultural and has acquired performers, professionals, and support from all across Rinas. The caravan brings with it many forms of entertainment and shopping for all who explore its wonder. The smell of delicious foods fills the air, the clang of crafters making amazing items, merchants selling strange merchandise gathered from other faraway places on Rinas. The main attraction, however, is the Extravaganza, a large tent where singers, dancers, magicians, jesters, poets, storytellers, and daredevils put on shows for all the townsfolk.  

The Proprietors

Little is known about Welton Worthing or his adopted daughter Chavi history, but they are complete opposites in personality. Welton is a loud, outgoing, charismatic man who instantly garners the attention of everyone he meets. He always seems to be the center of attention no matter where he may be. On the flip side is his daughter, Chavi, she is normally quiet, reserved, and shy until she starts working on her designs, construction, or repairs of the wagons. At that point she seems to transform in a beast, loud and commanding making sure nothing goes wrong with her precious creations. The pair however appearing loving and Welton is very protective of his daughter even more so than those who work for him.


Welton's wagons are powered via animal labor such as horses, oxen, and the largest ones even use Alefyts.
Happiness on Four Wheels
Bring wonder, bring whimsy, but most of all, bring a smile!
6.4m - 10.8m
up to 5m
Varies by terrain conditions
Complement / Crew
1-3 depending on wagon type
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Up to 15 passengers or hundreds of pounds of cargo or a combination

Member Professions

  • Singers
  • Musicians
  • Poets
  • Storytellers
  • Stonecutter
  • Painter
  • Jewelsmith
  • Blacksmith
  • Woodworker
  • Tailor
  • Seamstress
  • Dancers
  • Jesters
  • Animal Tamers
  • Wizards
  • Conjurors


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