Cimmir Gypsy Caravan

A Home of Wonder, Joy and Colour.

The children ran down the street, shouting and laughing as they raced to the center of the village, each desperate to see the wonders of what was now setup on the village green, for the Cimmir had arrived in there brightly decorated Carvans. A riot of colour like a thousand butterflies had covered eveything. Music floated on the breeze as they raced forward calling them along, many adults now walked in the same direction eager to hear the stories and display of acrobatics, sword eating and breathing of fire performed by the Cimmir.
  The brightly coloured caravan's of the Cimmir are the first thing that is seen when the Cimmir approach, decorated in a rainbow of colours, in a thousand different designs. They are often hung with coloured lanterns and other strange oddities, drawn by a single horse usually of white stock that are larger than normal riding horses these too are decorated with bright plumes and ornate hardness.
      It is the sight of these that tell of the coming entertainment that is about to descend upon their next stop, often the sound of singing and fiddle's playing will accompany the wagon's as they approach, with there children running around the wagons also dressed in bright clothes laughing and joining in with the singing.   For the Cimmir are born entertainers, seers, sorcerers and singers and the sight of these wagons brings great joy and happiness to those who see them. For they know a show will be seen soon that will be remembered for a life time.   Each carvan will have enough living space for one family and its children, the adults usually share a bed and the children will sleep on cots made up of cushions and blankets, the carvan will contain a table and storage cupboards. However cooking and most activities are done outside once the caravan is parked and camp has been made.   When a new couple are wed, they will either be given the carvan of a deceased realtive or a new one will be constructed by the community as a gift on their wedding day.
Cimmir Wagon Interior
Unknown most are Family Heirlooms.
Unique to the Cimmir
12' - 14'
10' 11"
3 - 5 MPH
Complement / Crew
1 Driver
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
1 Family & Possessions.


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I love the Aimee Stewart art. One of my favourite by her. :)

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