Welcome Traveller, you have found your way to the World of Tavomia, a campaign setting for the 5th Edition D20 Ruleset.


Tavomia is a labour of love, created for my own gaming group, it has since grown into a fully-fledged campaign that runs a gauntlet of themes, from high fantasy to gothic nightmares. It delves into many different areas of fantasy and its places are rich in detail and imagination.


Tavomia draws upon many traditional fantasy elements and concepts, providing a array of themes and settings for players and game masters alike to explore. The goal of this work was to create a world that could handle both light-hearted and darker fantasy settings, to this end parts of this book do cover subjects that some may find uncomfortable. In no way is this work meant to cause offence to anyone, please use what you like and ignore the rest, it is after all a fantasy world.


The world of Tavomia is a rich and vibrant land filled with adventure, intrigue, and Darkness. A place where champions stand against the machinations of corrupt gods, of wild orcish hordes and ancient ruins. From the frozen wastelands of the north to the deep scorching deserts of the south there is something for every budding adventurer in this world.


The Tales you tell and the legends you create in the World of Tavomia belong to you and your group, use what you wish and leave the rest.


Dream your Dreams and may they bring you happiness and joy at every turn.