She drifts upon the Waves of Eternity, a pale mist a light with veins of gold and the glint of a tiny sun forming in the depths of her being. She is young almost childish, and her dreams are short lived and fanciful.   Time passes and one dream takes a hold in her mind, golden light flashes in the core of her being and the tiny golden sun bursts into life as a reality is born for the first time, her form expands, tendrils of gold mist spreading out across the void a beacon in a darkness of infinite emptiness.


Welcome Traveller, you have found your way to the World of Tavomia, a campaign setting for the 5th Edition D20 Ruleset.


Tavomia is a labour of love, created by my own gaming group, it has since grown into a fully-fledged campaign that runs a gauntlet of themes, from high fantasy to gothic nightmares. It delves into many different areas of fantasy and its places are rich in detail and imagination.


The eventual aim of this work is to produce a published campaign setting for the 5th Edition Rules, along with various supplements that will expand and offer greater detail on specific areas, allowing groups to play many different campaign styles in different parts of the world.


We hope that you enjoy your time in Tavomia, and that it brings as much fun and wonder to your table as it has to ours.


The Campaign Setting

The Campaign is divided into three parts. The first part contains all of the information about the world at large, this is for players and gamemasters alike and provides a whole range of information about Tavomia.


The second part, the "Heroes Guide" provides information on creating your characters and offers many new options to the player.


The Final Part, the "Dreamer's Guide" is specially design for Gamemasters, it contains new monsters, secrets of the world, a sample campaign and various other information thats players would not be aware of.