The Bard's Vardo

Come one come all and hear a tale of adventure.
— Travelling bard upon arrival in a new town.
The bard's vardo is a sight to see, for whenever one turned up in a town the people would flock around to hear tales of adventure, songs of love, and watch displays to thrill and entertain. They were constructed entirely of wood with a small metal chimney poking out through the roof. Odd though they seemed, they were also small homes on wheels. Drawn by a team of horses, or mules which were bred specifically for the task.   Gaily painted on the outside in bright colours to attract the eye these small homes are rather spacious on the inside though you couldn't tell by looking at it from the outside. There was ample storage beneath the benches and seats for storing food, grain, clothes and even instruments for the minstrel type bards. Hooks in the roof and along the walls could be used for hanging smaller instruments and herbs or even to drape blankets across to create private areas for those inside.   The bards who travelled in such vehicles were rare and uncannily good at making a living on tales and travel. Most times they would only request food and drink for their tales. There were a few who had accomplished enough reputations to be called upon to perform in the royal courts though they never chose to stay long. They preferred the open road to a sedentary life. Simple living and good fellowship kept them travelling from town to town in order to gather new tales and songs.   When a vardo entered the town it always came with such aplomb as to gather a crowd, usually of small children first then the adults as news of the arrival spread throughout the town.  

internal Vardo pic from: Horse-Drawn Wagons of British Romani ...   external Vardo pic from: Pin on Gypsy Wagons


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