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Wyrmling Model Firewing

Any large, lavish Imperial celebration would not be complete without a firework display and the popularity of these displays have led people to search for more and more ingenious ways in which to launch these colourful explosives into the sky. This drive for more and more spectacular visual displays led to the creation of the Wyrmling Model Firewing, a specially adapted Firewing that is specifically used as a platform from which to launch fireworks. These craft can either operate on their own, launching up to four fireworks at a time, or can work in coordinated fleets to create staggering pyrotechnic displays, fit for the Imperial court and the eyes of the Emperor themselves.   The Wyrmling Model Firewing was originally designed as a prototype military class vessel with a large mortar mounted on the open, flat decked front of the craft, with the initial concept of the craft being that it would be used as a piece of manoeuvrable artillery that could be moved quickly from location to location and then deploy on the ground for firing. However, several rather disastrous test flights led to the project being shelved, predominantly because the fabric of the craft wasn’t strong enough to support the weight of the main armament Imperial Engineers were trying to mount on it, and it proved to have incredibly poor manoeuvrability when it actually got airborne.   It was whilst the prototype was languishing in an Imperial Engineering testing facility that a bright young engineer named Malestan Volovson spotted it gathering dust and thought to remove the mortar and mount firework launchers on the craft instead. Volovson’s new craft was used shortly after he created it to provide a firework display to celebrate the arrival of some members of the Imperial Court who had come to inspect the testing facility on behalf of the currently ruling Emperor, Belliotrix IV. The court representatives were so impressed by the creation that they commissioned 50 of craft there and then on the spot, and co-opted Volovson to become the Emperor’s new Master of Pyrotechnics at the Imperial Court, responsible creating and overseeing the most spectacular of firework displays for the Imperial Court.   Since then, Wyrmling Model Firewings have made appearances at every large Imperial celebration, along with a number of provincial celebrations as well, and their appearance brings joy and excitement wherever they go, a far cry from the death and destruction that they were originally designed to deliver.

Weapons & Armament

Wyrmling Model Firewings are equipped with up to four launchers, which are used to launch fireworks or other display projectiles. As the fireworks used on board of a Wyrmling are self-propelling, the launchers are little more than hollow tubes that can be orientated to a variety of angles, so that the desired trajectory of flight can be achieved for their payload.

Armor and defense

The majority of a Wyrmling Model Firewing vessels are lightly armoured as they are not designed to see combat, but each one has a heavily armoured storeroom where their fireworks and launch charges are kept, so that they are protected from sparks from a display that might cause an accidental and rather catastrophic discharge.
Fire Belcher
Military Class Firewing
Complement / Crew
Up to 5, 1 pilot and 4 firework launcher operators.


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