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His Imperial Majesty Belliotrix IV

The Emperor of Turelion Belliotrix Machestaro Imperation

The currently ruling Emperor of the Empire of Turelion, Belliotrix is the current incumbent of the Imperial Throne, whose rule so far has generally been assessed to be one of peace and prosperity, for those in the upper echelons of society at least. However, his critics decry his lack of interest in the plight of his poorer subjects, and those in the provinces beyond the boundaries of Turelion Province and Ultaru Province, and his inability so far to bring the war with Nova Norgantho to an end has raised eye brows even amongst members of the Imperial Court.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Once renowned for his handsome features and athletic physique, in his later years Belliotrix has become more rotund and sluggish as the continual indulgences that come with being the Emperor begin to catch up with him at the arrival of his later years.   Not infrequently now, Belliotrix is crippled, sometimes for days on end, by episodes of gout, and many members of the Imperial Court, have made cutting, snide utterances under their breath, that the wispy beard and moustache that Belliotix has worn over the past ten years, has been cultivated in an attempt to screen his prodigious double chin from view.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in 511DW, Belliotrix has for the most part led a comfortable life with anything that he could desire at his beck and call at all hours of the day. As the eldest son of Imperial Princess Annunziata, as she was at the time of his birth, Belliotrix grew up with the expectation that he would eventually be Emperor of Turelion casting a long shadow over his childhood. All of his activities and actions were monitored by a team of tutors and attendants and he was encouraged to take an interest in the activities of the state and of the court as soon as he was old enough to walk and talk.   He was incredibly close to his grandfather, Emperor Kelbon I, to the point that Kelbon would take Belliotrix with him on almost all official occasions, treating him as if he was his own son. For years, rumours circulated around the court that Kelbon had plans to alter the line of succession in law, so that the Imperial Throne would go straight to Belliotrix, provided that he was of age at the time of his grandfather’s death, cutting out Annunziata, who had a notoriously fiery relationship with her father.   In the end, Kelbon passed away in 528DW, not long before Belliotrix’s seventeenth birthday, in circumstances that some felt might be suspicious given that the exact cause of Kelbon’s death was never disclosed, and the only people who were allowed to go near his body were agents of the Imperial Inquisition. Agents who were allegedly seen by servants of the Grand Imperial Palace, burning documents taken from Kelbon’s private study.   Whether or not Annunziata was responsible for her father’s death, as only the bravest or most foolhardy of gossips would claim, after her coronation, she took a much more active interest in her eldest son, who until then had been all but ignored by her in favour of his siblings. During the years of his mother’s reign, Belliotrix threw himself into the life of the Imperial Court and was soon rumoured to have a greater and more deeply entrenched network of followers and confidents than the Empress herself. Fortunately for both parties, rumours of animosity between mother and son never emerged during this period.   Unfortunately for Empress Annunziata II, her rule did not come to a happy end, nor did Belliotrix’s have a happy beginning. In the year 550DW, Empress Annunziata was assassinated whilst travelling to one of the Imperial estates in Ultaru Province bring her reign abruptly to an end and thrusting Belliotrix onto the Imperial Throne after the requisite period of mourning had been observed.   Shortly after his coronation, agents from the Imperial Inquisition notified the new Emperor that the assassin had come from Nova Norgantho, the newly declared state which had seceded from Norgantho Province in Euristan's north east in 490DW. Revelation of this news swiftly led to Belliotrix officially declaring war on the Rebel Nation, scuppering any possibility of their peaceful re-assimilation into the Empire of Turelion and began the construction of the Northern Norgantho Defences to cut them off from the rest of Norgantho Province and hopefully stop them from seizing more Imperial territory.   Though his initial actions were decisive, his subsequent inaction and vehement assertion that Nova Norgantho would be starved into submission have led to much dissatisfaction towards him in all echelons of society. This, combined with his general apathy towards the provinces of the Empire of Turelion have meant that the more recent years of his rule, though generally peaceful, have been marred with the creeping poison of discontent beginning to stain them.


Unlike his male siblings, Marcus and Gaius who were sent to Hapsburg House, regarded as being one of, if not the most eminent of the Houses of Learning in the Empire of Turelion, Belliotrix was educated within the halls of the Grand Imperial Palace by the finest and most expensive tutors that money could buy. There was nothing unusual about this, however. Heirs to the Imperial Throne had been educated in this way since the founding of the Empire by Machestaro I, and Belliotrix certainly did not lose out on the quality of his education, which has certainly stood him in good stead during his rule.


Family Ties

Belliotrix is the eldest of four children born to the Empress Annunziata II and her Imperial Consort Hostus, and it is this sheer moment of biological luck that made him the first in line to succeed his mother as the Emperor of Turelion on her death in 550DW.   The Emperor’s three sibling: his two brothers; His Holiness Marcus Imperation and His Grace Gaius Imperation, and his sister Her Grace Juliana Caesarii all still live, with his eldest brother Marcusas the current Arch Priest of Astartes, providing an even stronger tie to the Imperial Church of Astartes, and his sister Juliana providing a link through marriage with the Caesarii Family, with her husband being the currently appointed Knight Commissar of the Imperial Order of Knights.   Through his marriage to Her Imperial Highness Salonia Imperation, Belliotrix has a familial connection with the Vespasianii Family, a wealthy Turelite household that has always been stalwart supporters of the Imperial system, whose roots go back right to the founding of the Empire of Turelion under Machestaro I.   As Belliotrix and Salonia have only one child, Her Grace Belladonna Imperation, who is due to come of age in the next couple of years, a new familial link, almost certainly with another wealthy and influential Turelite family will undoubtedly come into being.

Religious Views

Like all Emperors, Belliotrix is ostensibly a member of the Imperial Church of Astartes, and while for many Emperors and Empresses this was a membership held for ceremonial purposes only, Belliotrix does appear to be more pious than most past Emperors. That does not mean that he is particularly zealous, but he clearly does adhere to the faith with some degree of sincerity. It is thought that this is partly down to the influence of his brother Marcus, who as well as being the Arch Priest of Astartes, is said to have taken it upon himself to act as Belliotrix’s personal chaplain as well and through this drawing him closer to the bosom of the Imperial Church.

Social Aptitude

Belliotrix has always been regarded as a fine orator, capable of persuading whole crowds or individuals of seeing matters from his point of view, or carrying out his orders without question the majority of the time. He is known to be very careful with his words, which can make him appear almost overbearingly polite to those that don't know him, but those close to the Emperor of Turelion know that the words that come out of his mouth and the thoughts hiding behind his eyes are often very different things.

Wealth & Financial state

Belliotrix’s exact wealth is something that is known only to a handful of people working in the Imperial Bureau and it is likely that even Belliotrix himself isn’t fully aware of it, except for knowing that he is extraordinarily rich. As the Emperor's personal fortune is drawn directly from funds siphoned from the Imperial Treasury, Belliotrix has millions of crowns worth of gold available to spend on his whims, something that has driven some of his Imperial predecessors mad with excess, though Belliotrix himself is deemed to be relatively restrained in his spending when weighed against historical examples of excess.
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
10th of Frantal
Year of Birth
511 DW 63 Years old
Current Residence
The Grand Imperial Palace
Medium long, blonde.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white, almost grey in places with red blotchy patches around the face and hands.
Around 5'9"
198 lbs
Aligned Organization

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