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Arch Priest of Astartes

The head of the Imperial Church of Astartes, the Arch Priest of Astartes is the highest religious authority within the Empire of Turelion and is regarded as being the main conduit between the Empire’s patron deity, Astartes and its subjects.


Arch Priests of Astartes are appointed by the Emperor of Turelion. Whilst others can, of course make suggestions to the Imperial personage as to who should be appointed, the decision ultimately rests with the emperor. The only restriction to the choice of appointment is that an Arch Priest of Astartes must already be in the clerical orders of the Imperial Church of Astartes. Even priests of Astartes from outside the Empire of Turelion cannot be considered, unless they are formally inducted into the Imperial Church beforehand.


The Arch Priest undertakes a number of duties as part of their role, but principally they are responsible for:
  1. Presiding over all of the religious elements of major state services that the Imperial Church of Astartes undertakes, including coronations, imperial weddings, state funerals and other state celebrations;
  2. Divining the will of Astartes, interpreting omens from the Divine and petitioning them as required on behalf of the Empire of Turelion;
  3. Acting as the personal chaplain to the Emperor, ensuring that the Imperial personage has a direct connection to Astartes.


The position comes with a substantial annual stipend, which can make fiscally careful holders of the office extremely wealthy indeed. Additionally, there are a number of expense accounts that the Arch Priest can use, with restrictions so vague that almost any expense could be claimed against them, regardless if such expenses were related to the undertaking of the Arch Priest’s official duties or not. Finally, the role comes with a sumptuous suit of rooms within the Grand Imperial Palace complex for the Arch Priest to reside in.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Once an Arch Priest of Astartes has been appointed, the only way that they can be removed from office is if it can be categorically proved that they have taken part in an act of treason against the Emperor, decide to step down of their own volition, or if the Divine Astartes removes their favour from them, stripping them of their powers and authority.   This means that it is incredibly hard for an Emperor of Turelion to replace an Arch Priest of Astartes, and throughout the history of the Empire of Turelion it has not been uncommon for Emperors to order the assassination of the Arch Priest who was appointed to the post prior to their ascension to the throne, either because they do not get on, or so the new Emperor could reward one of their own supporters with the position.
Religious, Clerical
Form of Address
His/Her Holiness
Source of Authority
Whilst Arch Priests of Astartes are appointed by the Emperor , their authority is considered to stem directly from the Divine Astartes themselves.
Length of Term
Life, though incumbents can step down from the position should they wish. Generally, this only occurs when an Arch Priest considers themselves to ill or infirm to continue in post.
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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