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Imperial Prince / Princess of Turelion

An honorific title that has been used for generations to mark out the children of the ruling Emperor of Turelion, and one that is given as an exclusive honour for services to the Empire of Turelion.


Usually the title of Imperial Prince/Princess of Turelion is conferred automatically upon the birth of someone who is in the direct line of ascension to the Imperial Throne. For example, all of the children of a ruling Emperor of Turelion would be given the title automatically, but said Emperor's grandchildren would not automatically be given this title. When a new Emperor ascends to the throne, all of their living children would automatically be given the title, whilst those who previously held the title, who are now not children of the current Emperor would lose the title.   However, Emperors are able to give any individual they choose this title. This is often done to keep people in the immediate family, who would otherwise lose the title at the beginning of a new reign and who may start to become a problem, on side, but it can also be given as a reward to those outside the The Imperation Family. Being granted this title as a reward is regarded as one of the highest honours that the Empire of Turelion can bestow on one of its subjects, or honoured individuals from beyond its borders.


There are no official duties associated with the title, which really only exists to denote the direct descendants of and heirs of the ruling Emperor, and those who have found particular favour with the Imperial personage. However, people who hold this title generally tend to be preferentially picked for official duties, even if they are not exactly suited to what might be required.


As it is an honorific title, the position does not come with any direct benefits. However, as the title marks individuals out as either close family members of the Emperor of Turelion, or members of their inner circle, individuals who hold the title will generally find themselves being given preferential treatment in all manner of things, as many wish to ingratiate themselves with someone so close to the Imperial personage.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Removal of the title is entirely at the discretion of the Emperor of Turelion , and the title can be taken away at any time and for any reason.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
Your Grace
Source of Authority
Length of Term
Life, unless the line of succession changes – see below, or the title is taken away by the ruling Emperor.
Reports directly to
Related Organizations

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