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The Imperation Family

The foremost of all of the aristocratic families in the Empire of Turelion. The Imperation Family represents the blood relations, ancestors and descendants of the Emperors, which has existed in an unbroken line since the formation of the Empire under Machestaro I, or so that is what the propagandists would have the subjects of the Empire believe.


The Imperation Family is able to draw on the vast personal fortunes that past Emperors and Empresses have gathered over the centuries, as well as being able to dip their hands into the coffers of the Imperial Bureau, which gives them significant economic clout. As well as monetary wealth, the family owns all manner of priceless artefacts, art pieces and curios which are part of the Imperial collections. In addition, there are a number of estates and palaces owned by the family, the Grand Imperial Palace and the complex on Mallenar's Isle being the most notable amongst them.   However, despite their prodigious wealth, the Imperation Family are not the wealthiest family within the Empire of Turelion. That honour is thought to lie with the powerful merchant family, the Caesarii.


The history of the Imperation Family is indelibly intertwined with that of the Empire of Turelion. There are few things of note that have happened in the Empire’s history that have not had a member of the Imperation Family at their centre, which is to be expected from the family that has been providing Emperors of Turelion since 353DP.   Despite what is spread as common knowledge amongst the Empire's subjects, not all of the members of the Imperation Family who have sat upon the Imperial Throne have been blood descendants of the first Emperor, Machestaro I. A number of them were brought into the family by adoption, most notably Belliotrix I and Borial III, with the former being adopted into the family to ensure a line of succession for the childless Orthax I; the latter being adopted as Borial II ‘The Wary’ was so petrified of being betrayed or assassinated that he killed almost all of his living family, including all of his own children over the course of his reign, which led to another successional crisis.   Naturally, some influential members of the family were brought in by marriage, the most infamous of these being Artamo I ‘the Ageless’, the Elven husband of Pontidia I ‘the Matriarch’, who ascended to the throne on his wife’s death. Sadly for Artamo, their reign was marred by discontent and eventually ended in a bloody rebellion led by Julia Tarquinius Vinicius, who took the throne following the Battle of the Sanguine River.  

Links with other Noble Families

  Currently, the Imperation Family has two crucial links, both via marriage to two of the most powerful families in the Empire of Turelion.   The marriage of Her Grace Juliana Caesarii to Gnaeus Crassus Caesarii has provided a vital connection with the ridiculously wealthy Caesarii Family, whilst His Imperial Majesty Belliotrix IV's marriage to Her Imperial Highness Salonia Imperation has forged a link with the agricultural magnates the Vespasianii Family.
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