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Mallenar's Isle

Those sailing off the south coast of Turelion Province well within the waters of the Centric Sea, may come across a strange island, that is abundant with life, most of which appears to be of tropical origin that would normally have no hope of surviving, the temperate climate of northern Euristan  This island is Mallenar’s Island, a piece of land that is managed as an Imperial Colony of the Empire of Turelion, which was set aside as a research station by the Emperor Mallenar II. The island has since become a cutting edge centre for the study of exotic flora and fauna, and the very environment of the island has been altered to enable species from some of the warmest regions of Kelbonnar to exist within the area of the Centric Sea .   What exactly the purpose of the research on Mallenar’s Isle is known only to the Emperor and a select few in the Imperial Court beyond the shores of the island, but the island has also proved to be a unique getaway for the Emperor and those who they choose to invite from their court as the artificially controlled climate means that even when the Imperial Capital Meltaro is gripped in the icy fist of winter, the island is still warm and comfortable.


Technically, Mallenar’s Isle should have a climate similar to its nearest neighbours, the northern reaches of Euristan and the The Kelrik Isles, albeit tempered by the fact that it was an isolated island in the middle of the Centric Sea. When the island was originally discovered it was a cold, windswept lump of isolated rock populated only by heather and colonies of sea birds, but its climate has been artificially and magically altered to make it more hospitable.   Large Fire Elemental Cores were specially built and buried in the ground to warm the surface of the island and its surrounding waters. Water Elemental Cores were installed in the sea surrounding it to divert the strongest currents from the Centric Sea away from it, creating a tranquil area where corals can grow. A network of arcane obelisks were also erected all across the island, which were enchanted to provide an arcane shield that both protects the island from the storms that roll off the sea surrounding it, but allow enough water in to keep the plant life abundant and healthy.   These alterations mean that almost the entire surface area of the relatively flat island is carpeted with lush, partially managed jungle and the waters surrounding it have become a coral reef, complete with introduced fish species that would perish from the cold in minutes should they stray out of their protected waters.

Fauna & Flora

The island has been populated with an abundance of flora that would normally be found in areas such as the Yalthar Jungle, the Ascar Giss and the Kal’Panar, which has turned the island into a jungle idyll.   To compliment the plant life, fauna has also been imported from these locations, with an abundance of herbivorous creatures having been introduced onto the island. There are some carnivorous creatures, but on the whole their introduction has been restricted to smaller predators, to limit the risk of them becoming unmanageable and turning on the island’s humanoid residents.


As well as being a research base, Mallenar’s Isle has had a small Imperial Palace complex constructed on it, which provides a space for the Emperor and a selection of their most favoured courtiers to use the island as a place for rest and relaxation. Technically invitations to join the Emperor on their sojourns to Mallenar’s Isle have to come from the Imperial personage themselves, but the most influential and most trusted members of the Imperial Court  will instead draw up a list of invitees whose company they believe will please the Emperor, or who are deemed to have to be there out of necessity.   The abundance of imported fauna means that the Isle has a longstanding reputation for being the favoured hunting ground of the Emperors and it is common for very unusual animals to be brought to the island specially for an Imperial hunting party.
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