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The largest continent in the world of Kelbonnar, Euristan spreads across the central and southern part of the Material Plane, from the Wyrm Steppes in its north-western reaches to the Ster Woods in the south-east. Split in the middle by the mass of the Centric Sea, the continent is regarded as being the political heart of Kelbonnar's Material Plane with many nations and city-states having been established within it, and many more having been lost or abandoned during the great Divine War  Most notable amongst the nations of Euristan is the Empire of Turelion. It was from the Plains of Gold in the centre of the continent that the armies of Machestaro I marched to claim as much of the world of Kelbonnar as possible for the dominion of Turelion.   However, the continent is not just home to the Imperial heartland, but also has enormous tracts of forest and sweeping plains of grass that make it one of the most diverse and abundant places within Kelbonnar for both humanoid and beast.


The centre of the continent is dominated by the Centric Seawhich contains two island systems, the Kelrik Isles in the west and what is now known as the Centric Desolation in the east, a victim of the Divine War. Access to the Centric Sea is provided through the Strait of Jore in the south.        The west of the continent is split by the heights of the Dragons' Tears Mountains, separating the Wyrm Steppes in the west from the Wresmella in the east. The southern section of the western reaches of the continent is separated by the much smaller range of the Snake Tooth Mountains beyond which lies the sweltering expanse of the Ascar Giss jungle.        The central part of the continent is dominated by areas of plain, the Relialo Plains, the Plains of Gold and the more rugged Worfal Tundra creating an almost continuous swathe of grassland, whose northern borders are marked by the expanse of the Destra Wetlands.      The northernmost reaches of the continent, to the north of the Destra Wetlands and the small mountain range known as the Spears of Astartes is an expanse of woodland known as Menella's Copse.     Below the Worfal Tundra and the aptly named Sand Hills is the harsh expanse of the Kaldara desert which runs all the way south to the foothills of the Heavenspire Mountains  Beyond the Heavenspire Mountains is the largest expanse of forest in the entirety of Kelbonnar, the Forest of Lormaniss, which is bounded at Euristan's southern extremity by the impassible, perpetually snowbound Onyx Heights and to the west by the expanse of wetland known as the Black Wash.       The eastern most tip of Euristan, beyond the Desolation of Astartes is the Yalthar Jungle and the the continent's eastern most extremity, the Ster Woods

Desolations of the Gods

  Its size means that Euristan has been affected more than most of the other continents by the Divine War. There are two major areas of desolation in the west, the Desolation of Melchis and the Desolation of Hissh, one areas in the centre of the continent, the Centric Desolation and one area of desolation in the east, the Desolation of Astartes  One should not be fooled into thinking that it is only these major areas of desolation that show where Euristan has suffered in the Divine War. Innumerable cities, towns and settlements have been destroyed or abandoned as a result of the conflict, and mortal lives beyond count lost as collateral amongst the rage of the Divines.


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