The largest continent in the east of Kelbonnar, Euristan is notable for including within it the centre of the Empire of Turelion, the Province of Turelion and the Imperial Capital Meltaro. It was from the Plains of Gold in the south east of the continent that the armies of Machestaro I marched to claim the whole of the world of Kelbonnar as the dominion of Turelion.   However, the continent is not just home to the Imperial heartland, but also has enormous tracts of forest and sweeping plains of grass that make it one of the most diverse and abundant places within Kelbonnar for both humanoid and beast.


Splitting the continent almost completely from north to south is a central mountain range called the Heavenspire Mountains. These are the tallest peaks in Kelbonnar, and their towering might is visible on practically every horizon in Euristan, save for the very deepest parts of the Kaldara in the far south. The height and grandeur of the Heavenspire Mountains has led to the emergence of many myths, legends and truths that focus around the highest of the range’s peaks being the dwelling places of the gods, a view that is taught by the The Imperial Church of Canthartism.   The north-east of the continent, which is administered as Ferio Province is an enormous expanse of deciduous forest called the Yimawas. To the south of the Yimawas, near the border with Turelion Province is a large freshwater lake called the Ikrikeng, which is renowned for its remarkably cold waters at all times of the year. The lake sits right on the edge of the Heavenspire Mountains and an intricate tunnel system of flooded passages and chambers, known as the Nyoong Mopmi, or ‘death’s passages’ in the common tongue, which are said to spread right beneath the mountain range.   The north west of the continent, which is administered as Ultaru Province, is an expansive area of lush grassland and rolling hills, the Pokipewi which is renowned for its incredibly fertile soil. This fertility is thanks to several long dormant volcanoes that stand in the west of the Heavenspire Mountains, which has deposited much ash over the years across the Pokipewi. There is also a long thin lake in the middle of the grassland, the Opipeki, which is thought to link up with the Ikrikeng on the other sides of the Heavenspire Mountains via the Nyoong Mopmi.   The south of Euristan, the area of the Capital Province, Turelion is dominated by the dry, scrubby area of the Plains of Gold, most of which has been heavily cultivated to supply food for the Imperial capital of Meltaro. Further south the plains turn into an expanse of harsh desert, known as the Kaldara, which stretches right to the southern tip of the continent.


  • Turelion Province
  • Ferio Province
  • Ultaru Province


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