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The Wresmella

Considered to be the poorer sister of the Wyrm Steppes to the north west, the Wresmella is a flat, near featureless expanse of grassland, which is notorious for being uncomfortably hot in the summer and bitterly cold in the winter as the micro-climates of the Dragons' Tears Mountains and the Centric Sea fight it out throughout the year for supremacy.       The temperamental nature of the weather of the region perfectly suits the temperament of Wresmella, the Divine of the wilds, wilderness and hunting from which it takes its name.


Bound by the shores of the Centric Sea to the east, the Dragons' Tears Mountains to the west, the Wyld Woods to the north and the Shadow Copse to the south, the Wresmella is an enormous expanse of featureless grassland. Geopolitically, the entire region is ruled as the Empire of Turelion's Ferio Province, though most of the population of the Province is concentrated in a few large cities rather than being dispersed across the plains.   As the less fertile soil of the Wresmella and its extremes of winter and summer weather make it unpredictable for farming, the region has not suffered the mass explosion of industrial agriculture that other places under the Empire’s rule, such as the Plains of Gold and the Relialo Plains have seen. However, Ferio Province has for a long time advocated a settlement policy where citizens from elsewhere within the Empire and those from beyond its borders can settle in the Wresmella and are given generous parcels of land to own, provided that they become full citizens of the province and pay their taxes. This scheme has meant that large sheep and goat farming ranches have appeared all over the region, though aside from the boundary markers and fences their owners have erected, it is hard to distinguish ranch land from virgin plain.

Fauna & Flora

The poorer nature of the land in the Wresmella means that the region does not have the biodiversity of the Wyrm Steppes on the other side of the Dragons' Tears Mountains, with almost all of its vegetation being made up of a hardy, stubbly variant of grass that can survive the harsh winters and baking summers. Aside from large herds of sheep and goats that Ferio Province's settlers have introduced to the region, the most prolific animal inhabitant of the Wresmella is a variety of wild cattle, unique to the area, which can subsist on the sparse grass and which grows a thick shaggy coat in the winter, which is shed during the summer months.
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