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Relialo Plains

A rolling sea of grass that once extended across most of the north-central region of the continent of Euristan east of The Wyld Woods, west of the Destra Wetlands and north of the River Cormarron, the Relialo Plains are now a mixture of farmland and wild grassland that is the heart of Ultaru Province's agricultural powerhouse, which produces food to feed people across the Empire of Turelion.


The Relialo Plains are an enormous expanse of gently rolling hills that, when unmanaged are covered by a thick carpet of tall, lush grass. The grass of the Relialo is renowned for its high nutritional value, which allows the wild and husbanded animals that graze there much larger and fatter than anywhere else in Kelbonnar.   The grass is able to grow so lush because for millennia the whole region was covered in ash by now long dormant volcanoes that once existed in the Spears of Astartes mountains to the east. Since the cessation of regular volcanic activity in the Spears of Astartes several thousand years ago, the Relialo was allowed to burst into life, with the grasses being able to benefit from the thick layer of highly nutrient rich volcanic soil. This soil has also attracted a good deal of attention from farmers, who have turned vast swathes of the grassland into rolling fields, which have in turn given Ultaru Province the nickname ‘the bread basket of the Empire’.

Fauna & Flora

Both the flora and fauna of the Relialo are now heavily influenced by agricultural activity, with large areas having been turned over to the growing of cereal crops, principally wheat, barley, corn and oats. However, because the Relialo is so big, there still remain vast tracts of it that are covered in its dense, lush carpet of grass.   Many thousands of acres of the remaining grassland however, are not simply left alone. Thousands of heads of cattle wander the Relialo under the watchful eyes of their mounted attendants, and these cattle are forever competing with the enormous heads of deer and bison that have roamed the region for centuries without aid or management by humanoids.   The presence of so many managed and unmanaged large prey animals does, however, mean that the Relialo has a large population of predators, beyond the standard packs of wolves and the prides of Northern Lions that stalk cattle, bison and deer alike. The Lodge of Imperial Hunters has to maintain a large presence in the Relialo to help keep these beasts under control and stop them from becoming too accustomed to the taste of humanoid flesh.


The Relialo receives a great number of visitors every year, mostly from Turelion Province to the south, though this annual influx during the summer months cannot entirely be bracketed as being down to tourism. As so much of the Plains of Gold in Turelion Province are controlled by a small handful of incredibly wealthy individuals, most of whom are part of the Emperor's inner circle, most of the nobility of Meltaro who want to play the part of landowner must purchase property in other provinces. The vast majority of these Meltaro noble families purchase land in the Relialo as the high fertility of its soil means that there are few difficult agricultural or management decisions to make and the rolling sea of grassland is rather easy on the eye.   Every summer hundreds of gentlemen and women from the Imperial capital travel to their estates in the Relialo Plains, providing an annual boost to the overall income of Ultaru Province, for which the Satrap is ever grateful.
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Bread Basket of the Empire
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