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The northernmost city within the Empire of Turelion, and the second city of Ultaru Province, Allerium is a large trading hub on the shores of the Icefang Ocean.   As well as being the Empire’s trading gateway to the northern reaches of Kelbonnar’s Material Plane, Allerium is also the headquarters of the Imperial Air Corps and the centre of the Empire’s manufacturing centre for Firewings.


Allerium is a mixed species settlement, though like most places within the Empire of Turelion, the majority of the populace are Human. The large manufacturing industry linked to the production of Firewings in the city means that there is a large concentration of Dwarves and Gnomes within Allerium, who make up about 20% of the overall population.


Like most towns and cities under the rule of the Empire of Turelion, Allerium is governed by an Alderman, appointed by the province under whose jurisdiction the town falls, in this case Ultaru Province. The Alderman of Allerium has large staff who assist them in the running of the town and its bustling port, based in a complex of offices built into the large light house located in the city’s port.


Unusually for a city within the Empire of Turelion, Allerium does not have walls, but is instead surrounded by a large stone lined ditch which regularly floods with sea water, in rhythm with the tides of the Icefang Ocean. The Imperial Air Corps' headquarters in Allerium is also encompassed by this ditch/moat system, but another strand separates it from the rest of the city, effectively making it an island at high tide. Dotted along this ditch/moat at regular intervals are guard towers which act both as look out points and miniature barracks amongst which the provincial troops who act as the city’s garrison are dispersed.   What is unique about the defences of Allerium, is the fact that the Imperial Air Corps are headquartered there. With both the Corps Imperial Command and main training facility within its boundaries, Allerium is able to call on the largest concentration of Firewings and Air Corps personnel of any other place within the Empire of Turelion.

Industry & Trade

Allerium is first and foremost a trading settlement, connecting Ultaru Province and the wider heartland of the Empire of Turelion to the northern and eastern reaches of Kelbonnar’s Material Plane via its large port. The city also acts as the main conduit for land based trade between the Empire and the Duchy of Freestall, nestled in the foothills of the Spears of Astartes Mountains to the east.   Also, as the headquarters and main training facility for the Imperial Air Corps are based in the city, there is a large, thriving industry that has formed there based around the construction and maintenance of Firewings, the arcane aircraft that the pilots of the Corp take to the skies in. As the construction of each Firewing takes an enormous amount of worked materials, manufacturing techniques and arcane knowledge a large proportion of the city’s workforce are employed in this industry.


As workshops used for the construction of Firewings are dotted throughout the city, most of Allerium’s streets are very wide, to accommodate the transport of the airships through the streets as they are moved between the workshops and the Imperial Air Corps' base at the edge of the settlement. Though not intended for this purpose, these wide streets also help to accommodate the high volumes of trade traffic passing between the harbour and the main road into the city, the Trade Trail.   Allerium has also been furnished with a large sewer network and as there is no large source of open, running fresh water nearby, a large network of public wells and fountains has been constructed to provide portable water for the inhabitants.   As the city and the northern coastline of the Relialo Plains are often blanketed in thick mist that rolls off the waters of the Icefang Ocean, a large lighthouse has been constructed in the harbour to help guide ships to a safe berth. This lighthouse is so large that the offices of the city’s Alderman and their staff can be comfortably accommodated within the lower structure.

Guilds and Factions

Three factions dominate the political and social landscape of Allerium:   The Hastellion Trading Company is the largest trading entity within the city and it has even established its northern headquarters in Allerium’s harbour. Whilst it is not the only trading conglomerate that utilises Allerium’s harbour facilities, over the past decade or so, their presence in the city has made it increasingly difficult for others to operate trading activities in the city. Whilst nothing has conclusively been proven, accusations of intimidation, obstruction, destruction of ships and property and even murder having been carried out by Hastellion Trading Company thugs are regularly submitted to the Alderman’s office, and are routinely ignored. Rumours even abound within the city that the Alderman has been paid off by the Trading Company to allow them to operate unopposed with Allerium.   The Guild of Firewing Crafters, or GFC as they are known more colloquially represent the many citizens of Allerium who work either directly assembling the arcane aircraft of in the creation of the raw materials used in the manufacturing processes or in the maintenance of the finished vehicles. As so many of Allerium’s people work within the industry, the GFC have a large amount of influence within the city’s local politics.   Finally, though their personnel are billeted in their headquarters in the south of the city, the Imperial Air Corps are a dominate presence within Allerium. Air Corp pilots and officers regularly frequent the city’s many watering holes during their recreational hours and in the taverns and public houses around in the southern districts of the city it is not unusual to find more Air Corp personnel than locals propping up the bars.


Allerium receives a large number of visitors, but most of these are people who are using the port city as either an ingress or egress point to the heartland of the Empire of Turelion, as opposed to those who have specifically come to visit the city itself.


The city of Allerium has been built on a wide flat portion of the Relialo Plains' coastal region and the large amount of land suitable for building means that the city has been able to sprawl out along the coastline. Its northern boundary is the waves of the Icefang Ocean, but the city has been located at a point where natural sandbanks to the east and west provide a relatively sheltered, natural harbour.
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