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Icefang Ocean

The northern most of Kelbonnar’s seas an oceans, the Icefang Ocean stretches in a long strip between the southern coast of the continent of Hunar and the northern coasts of Dricaro, and Euristan. It is considered to end in the east at the northern boundaries of the Istial Isles, where its waters meet the Sea of Gormallis . Its location means that its waters, especially in its northern reaches rarely ever warm up and the temperature of its waters hovers around freezing for most of the year, a fact which has lent the ocean its name.


Like its southern cousin the Malcont Ocean, the waters of the Icefang Ocean are deep and are regarded as being some of the darkest waters in the whole of Kelbonnar.

Localized Phenomena

As the waters of the Icefang Ocean remain close to freezing at all times of year, sea ice is a regularly found phenomenon in the water as is the formation of much thicker ice shelves that extend out from the land, especially along the coast of the Divine Desolation on the continent of Hunar. The floes of sea ice and the occasional icebergs that slough off the northern ice shelves tend not to trouble ships that pass through the ocean’s southern reaches, but those that intend to travel north to the territory of the Five Holds and other locations in Hunar would be wise to either sail only in ships built to withstand and even break through the ice, or make modifications to their hulls to provide greater protection from sudden impacts with ice.

Fauna & Flora

Huge shoals of mackerel and salmon are known to spawn in the frigid waters of the Icefang Ocean and as well as attracting fisherman from across the neighbouring regions, these fish stocks also support vast populations of seals and walruses. Shellfish can be found in abundance in the cold waters too, especially oysters, mussels langoustines and lobsters.

Natural Resources

The coastal waters of the Icefang Ocean provide a number of resources linked to the fauna that inhabit the region. The large number of walruses which can be found along the coast of the continent of Hunar, and occasionally on the northern reaches of Euristan provide an ample supply of ivory which is harvested in large quantities for local craft production and export by the people of the Five Holds.   In addition the cold waters of the Icefang, especially around the northern coasts of Euristan are an ideal habitat for mussels and oysters which are renowned for being prolific producers of large, high quality pearls.


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