Nova Norgantho

Situated in the far north-west reaches of the world, at the upper tip of the continent of Hunar, Nova Norgantho is the first and only place to have fully shaken off the shackles of the Empire of Turelion's rule in nearly 600 years.   Originally, the hardy inhabitants of the area of the Worfal Tundra, who were overworked and underpaid for their efforts toiling for the Empire in the myriad mines that pockmark the landscape, simply wanted better living conditions and recognition for their labours. This resentment bubbled for many years until, with neither the authorities in Hunar’s provincial capital Allerium, nor the Emperor a world away in Meltaro, it exploded into rebellion and the foundation of Nova Norgantho.   Now, the young nation stands alone as bastion of resistance agains the sluggish Empire. Each year, the goal of the Nova Norgantho’s lot-elected government has been to secure their position and make safe their newly occupied lands, people and the refugees that stream to their borders, from the eventual hammer blow of retaliation from Turelion. As the saying goes in the Rebel Nation, ‘fear the day the dragon awakens and realises the tip of his tail has been cut.’


Wary of putting too much power in the hands of a single individual, Nova Norgantho has instead adopted a system of sortition to select those that will govern them. This means that every year all citizens of Nova Norgantho draw lots, to see who will take a seat on the 300 strong People’s Council. In order to try and curb any risk of agents from Turelion arriving in the country and drawing lots for membership, in order to be eligible, all must have been resident in Nova Norgantho for a year, and be registered with the Electoral Authority of the People’s Council.   After the lots are drawn and the members of the People’s Council are chosen, the 300 delegates are required to report to the capital Hraman, within 2 weeks, after which time they will live in a compound, where they are cut off from their families, friends and the outside world, save for hearing about news or business that the Council needs to know to function. The idea behind this is to limit the amount of potential corruption that could happen, were the delegates allowed to come and go as they please.   The Council of 300 legislate on all matters, with the exception of military matters, which is the only area that is delegated to a sub-committee, The Council of Generals, so that military affairs can be carried out with more flexibility and restricted red tape. The Council of 300, however, does have control over who is elected to the Council of Generals, and the Generals are answerable to the Council of 300 for their actions. This has led to several Generals being executed for treason for not acting as the Council of 300 would have wished.

Public Agenda

The founding purpose of Nova Norgantho was to create a state that would cater more effectively to the needs of the people living in and around the area of the Worfal Tundra, who had long felt that they were sidelined and all but forgotten by the provincial government, far to the south in Allerium, let alone by the Emperor, far off in distant Meltaro. Though they paid their hefty taxes and toiled endlessly to extract metals for the Empire, they saw little benefit.   However, once their rebellion gained sufficient strength and they could rightly claim to have the Tundra under their control, their agenda slowly started to shift as more and more refugees began to arrive from far off lands, hoping to escape the dominion of Turelion. Now, Nova Norgantho’s agenda is to form themselves into a true state, to stand up to the Empire and to show that it is possible, despite the trials that must be endured, to throw off the shackles of Imperial rule.

Demography and Population

Because of the historical status of the area of the Worfal Tundra as a region heavily dependent on mining, the vast majority of the populace, over 90% were judged to be in the poorest section of society. Though the economic situation of Nova Norgantho’s people hasn’t significantly changed since independence, neither has a rise in a new middle or upper class taken place to replace the Imperial and Provincial authorities and administrators killed or driven out by the rebellion. As a result, the nation is incredibly socially equal and this is compounded by Nova Norgantho’s governmental and judicial system. This equality is one of the main factors that people of all nations and races make the dangerous journey to seek refuge from the Empire’s ever tightening stranglehold on their lives.


The Norganthian Rebels have managed to establish dominance over the area of the Worfal Tundra, that sits across the northern part of Norgantho Province on the continent of Hunar. Most of this land is cold and windswept, but the Rebels are just about able to provide enough food for their ever growing population of renegades and refugees.


Because of Nova Norgantho’s youth and the fact that most of the area’s original inhabitants were miners and farmers, not soldiers, the Rebel Nation has a limited amount of well trained troops that it has at its disposal. Though the young nation has been fortunate that the Empire of Turelion has been so slow to launch a significant offensive against them, the General’s Council know that they must use the time they have been given wisely. As a result, the number of trained fighting men and women in Nova Norgantho is increasing.   However, knowing that even if they were as prepared as they could possibly be when the Empire finally attack, the Rebel Nation’s troops are not being trained to match the Imperial forces in an all out pitched battle. Instead they are trained in ambush and hit-and-run tactics and their forces are always looking to outmanoeuvre and separate Imperial troops, rather than engage them head-on.

Agriculture & Industry

The area of the Worfal Tundra is not really suited for large scale agriculture, as the soil is far too poor in most places, but all available land under the control of Nova Norgantho has been set aside for the cultivation of crops, predominantly hardier plants such as cabbages and root vegetables. Sheep and goats are the main animals that are reared, as they can gain adequate sustenance on the tough grasses and scrubby vegetation that blankets the tundra, and cope with the harsh winters.   As for industry, Nova Norgantho is luckier on this front as beneath the tundra there are plentiful veins of metals, iron and gold in particular, as well as pockets of gemstones. The area of the Worfal Tundra has always had a strong mining industry under the rule of the Empire and this has continued into their independence. Whilst the iron deposits fuel the production of weapons to fight off the Empire, the gold and gemstones is put to good use to secure friends across Kelbonnar.

Trade & Transport

As far as the Empire of Turelion is concerned, Nova Norgantho is cut off from the rest of the world, surrounded as it is by the Province of Norgantho to the south and the Province of Langstrom to the east, with nothing but the vast expanse of the Ocean of Lasimar to the west.   However, in reality, the rebels have found a vital trading partnership with the The Kelrik Pirates, who as illicit operators themselves are happy to trade in return for materials, especially the valuable metal and gem deposits that are found beneath the ground of the Worfal Tundra. There is also a surprising amount of trade that goes on across the borders into the two neighbouring Imperial provinces. Despite the Empire’s naturally hostile stance to Nova Norgantho, there are many who are happy to trade with the rebels for the chance to gain a quick profit, especially on items that they would find harder to shift within the rest of Turelion.
Founding Date
Illicit, Rebel
Alternative Names
Norganthian Rebels, Rebels of Hunar, The Rebel Nation.
Government System
Economic System
Barter system
Since the establishment of the rebel state, Nova Norgantho has been cut off from the regular supplies of Imperial Coinage and instead they have fallen back on a more barter based economy, which reflects their more precarious situation. Imperial coinage is still used, but there is no guarantee that it will be accepted, with many people preferring to trade goods or resources.
Judicial Body
As with the legislative formation of Nova Norgantho, the judicial one is also based on a system of sortition, which is used to select a jury drawn from the populace registered with the Electoral Council. Lots are drawn for selection to the National Jury after the section is made for the People’s Council, so that the chance of people being selected as both Councillors and Jurors is ruled out.   As with the People’s Council, those selected for the National Jury have to live within a special compound within Hraman, to limit the risk of them being swayed to certain judgements by public opinion, coercion or bribery. The National Jury, preside over all manner of cases that are brought before them, generally disputes that cannot be resolved within a community, or judgement of serious crimes such as murder. They reach a verdict through a majority vote between its 200 members.
Controlled Territories

  • 487 DW

    17 /9

    Aid Petition Sent to Norgantho’s Satrap
    Disaster / Destruction

    Following an immensely bad winter, which saw the failure of almost all the locally grown crops and the cutting off of the Worfal Tundra from the rest of the continent by road, the people of the Tundra request emergency aid from the Satrap.

  • 488 DW

    23 /1

    Rioting across the Worfal Tundra
    Criminal Activity

    With neither aid, nor an acknowledgement of their troubles forthcoming from the Satrap of Norgantho, rioting erupts all across the towns, villages and mining communities fo the Worfal Tundra, with many imperial buildings and personnel damaged. In response the Regional Administrator deploys the provincial troops under their command to forcibly suppress the unrest.

  • 488 DW

    5 /2

    Massacre at Lemnar Mine
    Military action

    Seeking to bring the unrest to an end, the Regional Administrator for the Worfal Tundra ordered the troops under his command to forcibly break up a strike that had begun at Lemnar Mine, a rich iron mine in the west of the territory. Finding that the miners were resistant to being disbursed, the Provincial Troops took the opportunity to release their frustrations and reacted with excessive force. Hundreds of miners were killed, and hundreds other wounded.

  • 488 DW

    34 /2

    Rebellion in the Worfal Tundra

    As news of the massacre at Lemnar Mine spread across the region of the Worfal Tundra, the local populace, either enraged or fearful that they too might be attacked by Provincial Troops, took up arms and began to attack anything or anyone that represented the Provincial or the Imperial government.

  • 490 DW

    13 /3

    Provincial Troops in the Worfal Tundra Withdraw to Hraman
    Military action

    Unable to subdue the rioters and rebels, all remaining Provincial Troops in the Worfal Tundra retreat to the administrative capital Hraman to try and establish a defensive position from which they can be relieved or rescued by reinforcements requested from Norgantho’s Provincial Government.

  • 490 DW

    20 /3

    The Siege of Hraman
    Military action

    Buoyed up by the retreat of the Provincial Troops, the rebels of the Worfal Tundra press home their rebellion and besiege the administrative capital, Hraman. Within days the town was cut off from the outside world and the two forces became locked in a bitter fight for every street and houses.

  • 490 DW

    32 /7

    Surrender of Hraman and the Execution of the Worfal Tundra Provincial Administrator
    Military action

    After months of bitter fighting, the loss of most of the Provincial Troops under their command and the failure of any reinforcements to appear from the south, the Provincial Administrator surrenders the town of Hraman to the rebels. All Provincial and Imperial buildings are sacked by the victorious forces and all known Imperial Servants and Provincial bureaucrats, including the Provincial Administrator are executed.

  • 490 DW

    1 /8

    Declaration of Nova Norgantho's Independence

    Following the surrender and sack of Hraman, the founding of the independent nation of Nova Norgantho was declared, and the rebels formally claimed control over the area of the Worfal Tundra.

    Worfal Tundra
    More reading
    Nova Norgantho
  • 492 DW

    16 /5

    Battle of Valtan Village
    Military action

    More than two years after the rebellion in the Worfal Tundra and the declaration of Nova Norgantho’s independence, the Satrap of Norgantho Province, seeing that the burgeoning nation wasn’t going to tear itself apart of its own accord, finally decides to launch an assault. His army entered the territory of Nova Norgantho by the most direct route, meaning a crippling, attritional march through the Destra Wetlands. The Provincial troops that survived only made it two days march into the Rebel Nation before they were ambushed near the village of Valtan and slaughtered, their weapons and armour going to swell the supplied of Nova Norgantho.

  • 507 DW

    31 /4

    Attempted Assassination of the People’s Council
    Criminal Activity

    After years spent infiltrating Nova Norgantho, agents from the Imperial Inquisition launched an assault from within the Councillors’ compound in Hraman to try and kill every member of the People’s Council for that year, and thereby break the spirit of the Rebel Nation. Despite their best efforts, many of the councillors survived and the majority of the agents were killed attempting to flee the town.

  • 540 DW

    1 /8

    Half-Century Celebrations in Nova Norgantho
    Cultural event

    To celebrate reaching 50 years of independence from the Empire of Turelion, a nationwide celebration is held, to which a number of the Rebel Nation’s key allies, including representatives of Kelrik Pirates, are invited.

  • 550 DW

    5 /12

    The Assassination of Empress Annunziata II
    Criminal Activity

    Whilst travelling to the Imperial Estate located in Ultaru Province, and agent in the employ of Nova Norgantho who had smuggled themselves aboard Empress Annunziata II's Firewings, released an instantly lethal quantity of Grey Globe Mushroom spores in the craft, killing all on board.

  • 552 DW

    26 /3

    Emperor Belliotrix IV Declares War on Nova Norgantho
    Military action

    Following his coronation, Emperor Belliotrix IV officially declares war on Nova Norgantho, a move that both legitimises the Rebel Nation’s claim to be independent, but also notes a seed change in the Empire’s opinion of them and a shift towards treating them a true problem.

  • 555 DW

    11 /5

    Construction of the Northern Norgantho Defences Begins
    Construction beginning/end

    Emperor Belliotrix's  solution to the Nova Norgantho problem is launched by the beginning of a network of walls and forts across the northern edge of the Destra Wetlands, the Yalthar Jungle and the western edge of the Grunwald Forest, to seal off the area of the Worfal Tundra from the rest of Hunar Continent.


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