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Blood Bay

A crimson stain on the Icefang Ocean, Blood Bay’s crimson waters lie on the northern coast of the Desolation of Hissh and are regarded by mariners that pass them as being a cursed reminder of the power of the god of murder, Hissh.


Blood Bay encompasses an area of the Icefang Ocean which cuts deeply into the northern coast of the continent of Euristan, more specifically into the region known as the Desolation of Hissh.  

The Creation of Blood Bay

  It is said that deep in the mists of time, when the surrounding region was home to Elves rather than Vampires that the bay was a clear sparkling expanse of sapphire water full of vibrant life and much warmer that the rest of the Icefang Ocean, warm enough even to swim in without discomfort. However, in the events that saw the creation of the first Vampire, the outbreak of war and eventually the creation of the Desolation of Hissh, as the land became shrouded in darkness, the lustre and warmth of the bay’s waters vanished and it took on a dark grey hue, reflecting the thick clouds that now hung permanently over the land.   This was not the end of the bay’s transformation, however. When the monument to the Vampire's victory, the Grand Temple of Hissh was constructed on the promontory that marks the eastern boundary of the bay, the foul rituals taking place there began to pollute the water, slowly turning it red until after a few decades, the whole of the bay was as a pool of blood, which led to its new name coming into usage, Blood Bay.   Amongst sailors who navigate past Blood Bay, or who enter it to make harbour at and trade in the town of Port Aima, a legend has arisen which states that there is no longer any water in Blood Bay, and that instead it full of the Blood of every one of the god of murder, Hissh's victims.

Fauna & Flora

Despite the unique composition of the bay’s waters, Blood Bay does still have life within it, but all of the creatures that are born within its waters or grow there take on a reddish hue, as if polluted by their environment. Fish, shellfish and seaweed harvested from its waters are still said to be edible, but they are also reported to have an overwhelmingly metallic flavour, as if every inch of their flesh is saturated with blood.

Natural Resources

Like many coastal areas of the Icefang Ocean, Blood Bay is an ideal habitat for pearl producing mussels and oysters and large numbers of the precious stones can be harvested each year. However, the unique composition of the waters of Blood Bay means that all of the pearls produced there are a dark crimson in colour.
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