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The Isle of the Lost

The darker sister island to the The Isle of Grief, the Isle of the Lost is a desolate rock, devoid of life. Its isolated and inhospitable nature, bearing the brunt of the storms that roll of the Icefang Ocean, drew the Imperial Inquisition to the place and it is where they have set up their headquarters, the infamous fortress of Bleak Harbour. The islands name comes from the fact that those who are not of the Inquisition who are taken to place rarely, if ever return.


The Isle of the Lost sits off the Icefang Ocean, off the northern shores of the continent of Euristan. It sits just to the north of and, when weather conditions allow, within sight of its sister island the The Isle of Grief.   Apart from the south-western corner of the landmass, on which the Imperial Inquisition have established their fortress of Bleak Harbour, the Isle of the Lost is completely barren, with nothing other than wind and wave battered outcrops of rock, honed by the elements into razor sharp edges.  

The Forest of Bones

  The dungeons of Bleak Harbour are said to be vast with countless unfortunate souls interred within, who will almost certainly never see the light of day again. Whenever any one of these prisoners dies, or is executed, their remains bodies are removed from the fortress are strung up on stakes which have been driven into the rock all over the island, with a placard hung around the corpses neck detailing their crimes and the sentence carried out. There are so many of these corpses suspended around the island, that it has become known as the forest of bones.   Whilst there is no reason for the Inquisition to do this, other than for the cruel psychology of increasing their reputation for brutality, the concentration of so many skeletons, who were victims of torture and cruelty has resulted in another, unintended side effect. The Isle of the Lost has become a place where Fokrella, the Divine associated with torture and cruelty, has an immense amount of influence, which has been bolstered by the fact that so many of the members of the Inquisition have over the centuries of their existence been drawn to her worship. It is said that those who linger for too long in the forest of bones will either be tempted into her heinous fold, or will become playthings of this malignant Divine.
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