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The Isle of Grief

Sitting off the northern coast of the continent of Euristan, the Isle of Grief is, as its name suggests a place few would wish to find themselves. Though once a remote forgotten scrap of land in the Icefang Ocean, the Isle of Grief and its sister island, the Isle of the Lost were gifted to the Imperial Inquisition at their founding by Emperor  Mallenar I in 130DP to the base from which all of their activities in both the Empire of Turelion and Kelbonnar more widely would be orchestrated from.   Whilst the Isle of the Lost has been turned into once giant fortress complex, housing the headquarters, barracks, training grounds and infamous torture chambers of the Inquisition, the Isle of Grief has become an enormous penal colony, thought to be the largest in Kelbonnar’s Material Plane. It is a place where all of those given sentences of more than one year in length are sent to toil away in the labour camps there, under the watchful eyes of inquisitorial agents.


The Isle of Grief sits in the southern Icefang Ocean, off the northern coast of the continent of Euristan. The closest part of the mainland to it is the Empire of Turelion's Ultaru Province to the south, with the peninsula known as Menella's Copse to the east and Ymeris to the far west.   Originally, the Isle of Grief was little more than a patch of scrubby rock, barely rising out of the sea, with much of it being subsumed by the waves in stormy weather, home only to colonies of seagulls and seals. However, since it’s gifting to the Imperial Inquisition, it has been widely terraformed.   A vast network of flood walls has been constructed around the whole island, stopping it from flooding in even the most ferocious weather. Plantations of hardy pine trees have been seeded in various locations across the island as well, not from a desire to forest the island, but to provide a source of meaningful labour for the many prisoners held there.  

Isle of Grief Prison Complex

  The vast prison complex the Isle of Grief is home to takes up the entire island. The island is divided up into four quadrants, simply referred to by their cardinal directions: north, south, east and west. Each of these quadrants is separated from the others by two large fortified walls, one that runs north-east to south-west, the other running north-west to south-east. Where these two walls bisect in the centre of the island a large watch tower has been built, which provides a panoramic view across the whole island and which houses the office of the Commandant who runs the facility and the barracks for the guards. These walls that separate the quadrants connect with the equally large and fortified flood wall, which surrounds the entire island.   Each quadrant can only be accessed either by one of the four fortified gates at the base of the central tower (one opening out onto each of the quadrants), or via a tower (again one for each quadrant) built into the flood wall.   Access to the island itself can only be gained via a harbour complex built into the southern section of the flood wall. Only ships delivering prisoners or supplies to the island are granted permission to dock at the harbour, and at least two ships from the Imperial Navy patrol the waters around the harbour, intercepting and checking the credentials of ships who come too close to the Isle of Grief.   Each of the quadrants is further separated into sections to facilitate the lives of the prisoners housed within them. As well as rudimentary barracks (little more than barns) for prisoners to sleep in, each quadrant has a large plantation of pine trees and lumber processing facilities, as well a quarry so that the inmates can undertake days of back breaking work that does at least have some purpose – the creation of lumber and cut stone for the use of the Empire of Turelion.
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Prisoner Cataloguing

  On arrival at the Isle of Grief, all prisoners are given a unique identification number, which they are exclusively referred to by the Inquisition until they are released. These numbers are tattooed onto the inmate on arrival, generally on the forearm. If this space is not available, for example if an inmate has served multiple terms at the Isle of Grief, another easily uncoverable part of the body will be chosen.   These numbers consist of several parts: 1. The quadrant of the Isle the prisoner is assigned to; 2. Their assigned barracks 3; The length of their sentence 4; The year their incarceration began; 5. An additional number added at the end, if necessary to avoid any duplicate numbers. Each of these parts is separated by a ‘/’.   For example, a prisoner assigned to quadrant 3, barracks 92 who was serving a 13 year sentence which began in the year 570DW would have the number 3/92/13/570.   When a prisoner’s sentence is completed, the number will be scored through with a tattoo in an obviously different coloured ink. However, to stop escaped inmates from doing this, each tattoo is give in magical ink, stopping them from being scored through with anything other than with Imperial Inquisition approved equipment and ink.

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