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Sea of Gormallis

Located in the east of Kelbonnar’s Material Plane between the Sea of Gormallis is an incredibly sheltered body of water, that is regarded as being the calmest sea or ocean in Kelbonnar. Not only is the region incredibly calm, but its coral reefs and vast swathes of sea grass fields mean that it teems with life, making it a godsend for both the mariner and the fisherman.


The Sea of Gormallis is located in the east of Kelbonnar’s Material Plane, with the shores of the continent of Euristan marking its western and southern boundaries, the continent of Zastral its eastern boundary and the tip of the continent of Hunar and the Istial Isles denoting its northern periphery.   Whilst not quite as shallow as the The Strait of Carboni, which is believed to be the shallowest areas of maritime water, the Sea of Gormallis is a relatively shallow area of water, to the point where the sandy sea bed can normally be seen from the surface across the whole region. It’s shallow depth and clear waters allows sea grass meadows and coral reefs to thrive. Whilst some areas, especially where there are large coral reefs are treacherous to maritime traffic, on the whole, the Sea of Idylls is not so shallow that it is impassable to large ships, and it is so well charted that almost all ships can navigate the region without concern.   As noted above, the Sea of Gormallis is said to be one of the most consistently calm stretches of open ocean in the entirety of Kelbonnar and for the most part, this is true. The one exception to this is its eastern region, within around 100 miles in distance from the shores of the continent of Zastral and the Desolation of Polephemon. Polephemon's fury still whips up the water surrounding Zastral into a wild frenzy, which makes navigating this section of the Sea of Gormallis extremely treacherous.

Fauna & Flora

The sea grass meadows and coral reefs of the Sea of Gormallis mean that the area is abundant with life, with so many species of fish being present that the true extent of the regions biodiversity is unknown. However, it is not just fish that are present in large numbers, the region is renowned for the number and size of the crabs that crawl along the sea floor, which are an attractive proposition for fisherman, with crabs from the Sea of Gormallis selling for a high price across Kelbonnar.   Whilst it can seem like the Sea of Gormallis is a tranquil maritime paradise, those who venture into its waters should be aware that its calm waters also attract many species of sharks, who come to the region throughout the year to spawn. It has been reported that sometimes so many sharks travel to the Sea of Gormallis that nothing else can be seen, with some mariners claiming that they are so densely packed that one could walk over them.
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