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The Strait of Carboni

The Strait of Carboni is a strip of water separating the two landmasses of the continent of Carboni, Quess Province to the north and Oam Province to the south. It also separates the The Sea of Idylls in the west from the Ocean of Lasimar in the east.   Because the Strait lies between the two islands that make up Carboni continent, the water is much shallower in this area, less than 40ft deep at its deepest point, which means that the Strait is an ideal location for fish to school and breed and for coral to grow.   Despite its relatively shallow overall depth, the Strait of Carboni is still navigable by almost all vessels, though the captains of larger craft are encouraged to take on the services of a local pilot, either from the southern shores of Quess Province or the northern shores of Oam Province to ensure that they do not run aground on the numerous coral outcrops.

Fauna & Flora

The shallow depth of the Strait of Carboni and its warm, calm waters means that it is the ideal environment for coral to grow. Over millennia the result has been that the strait is essentially one enormous coral reef that teams with life. Not only does this make it an ideal habitat for fish and other water dwelling creatures to live and breed, it also makes the Strait an abundant fishing ground for the communities that border its waters.


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