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As the north-western continent of Kelbonnar, Hunar is the furthest from the epicentre of the capital of the Empire of Turelion, Meltaro. Hunar is also the largest continent in the world of Kelbonnar and because of this it has been divided up into three imperial provinces: Norgantho in the west, Greltor in the east, and Langstrom in the north.


The continent of Hunar is split into three distinct parts:
  • The northern arm that spreads out to the east as a vast peninsular, is administered entirely as Langstrom Province and is almost completely covered by the dense coniferous tree cover of the Grunwald Forest.
  • The main body of the continent is split into two parts by the steep, jagged peaks of the Spiny Mountains.
  • To the west of the mountain range is Norgantho Province, which is dominated by the Relialo Plains to the south and the Worfal Tundra to the north. Separating the two is the massive expanse of the Destra Wetlands.
  • To the east of the Spiny Mountains is Greltor Province, which for most of its length north to south is made up of a narrow strip of land sandwiched between the steep mountain slopes and the shores of the Centric Sea. Greltor Province is for the most part covered in lush, rolling jungle, the Yalthar Jungle which is much more verdant and tropical than the more rugged expanse of the Grunwald Forest to the north.
  Hunar is flanked by three bodies of water, to the west and south the Ocean of Lasimar, to the east the Centric Sea, and to the north the icy waters of The Frost Sea.


  • Norgantho Province
  • Greltor Province


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