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Masseen River

Wending its way south from the edge of the Spiny Mountains to the shores of the Southern Ocean, the Masseen River acts as the natural border between the rolling fields of grass that make up the Relialo Plains and Norgantho Province to the west and the thick tangled mass of the Yalthar Jungle and Greltor Province to the east.


The Masseen River is split into two parts, the much shorter Upper Masseen and the Lower Masseen.   The Upper Masseen descends steeply and quickly from the Spiny Mountains and its waters are notoriously rough, with much of its length being made up of rapids and waterfalls until it enters the calm waters of Lake Kaltan.   The Lower Masseen flows much more sluggishly than it upper counterpart from Lake Kaltan all the way down to the Southern Ocean. The lower river is much wider than the upper, reaching almost half a mile across in some areas and its waters are deep and clear.

Fauna & Flora

Like Lake Kaltan, the Masseen River is rich with fish that reside within its waters all year round and it also plays host to the annual migration of Southern Sea Salmon, who fight their way up against its currents every year to spawn in the calmer waters of Lake Kaltan to the north.   This abundance of fish supports numerous predatory creatures from otters to bears and from herons to sea eagles, as well as providing a source of food for humanoids who live near its banks.
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