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Yalthar Jungle

Stretching down the entire eastern side of the continent of Hunar, the Yalthar Jungle is a hothouse of biodiversity, whose rainforest climate has enabled all manner of plants and creatures to thrive there. Be warned though, those that try to tame the jungle rather than living in harmony with it will quickly find that it can be incredibly inhospitable.


The Yalthar is an enormous expanse of trees, that, thanks to the hot, humid climate, along with the plentiful rainfall that rolls of the Centric Sea and is trapped against the barrier of the Spiny Mountains, is the largest area of rainforest in Kelbonnar.   The northern reaches of the Yalthar is characterised as being steep, sloping jungle that reaches up from the shoreline to the foothills of the Spiny Mountains, whilst the southern section is characterised as being an enormous, mostly flat impenetrable mass of trees.   Though the Yalthar Jungle continues all the way down the eastern side of the continent of Hunar, it is considered to be split into two parts, with its southern section, which represents the deepest, darkest and least explored section of the Yalthar, being know as the Ascar Giss.

Fauna & Flora

The Yalthar Jungle is considered to have the greatest biodiversity in the whole of Kelbonnar. There are countless types of trees and plants, many of which have yet to be properly categorised by the Imperial School of Botany and Agriculture.   In addition there are all manner of creatures that inhabit the forest, including some incredibly large predators, such as Forest Samaban.

Natural Resources

Naturally as a jungle, the Yalthar has a bountiful supply of trees available, but they tend to only be harvested in surprisingly limited numbers for use in decorative or artistic projects. Instead, the plants of the Yalthar are considered to be a larger asset, with the climate and soil being perfect for the growing of chilies and other exotic spices that are found naturally occurring in the jungle and which are now more industrially cultivated.


The predominance of wilderness and the exotic wild animals that dwell within its trees, means that Yalthar is often visited by the nobles of Kelbonnar who wish to hunt its exotic fauna and take back trophies to one of their many residences throughout the Empire of Turelion.
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