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Ascar Giss

The southern section of the continent of Euristan, south of the Snake Tooth Mountains is an area of dense, some would say impenetrable jungle known as the Ascar Giss. The jungle in this region is thought to be the oldest in the whole of Kelbonnar's Material Plane, and its ancient trees are large and tall, and their canopies thick and broad. Only the hardiest of people can survive in this area of wilderness, and even fewer choose to make the Ascar Giss their homes.   The only native peoples known conclusively to dwell there are the Yaltharmians and ethnic group of Goliaths who have all but shunned contact with the outside world.    Whilst many geopolitical entities have attempted to colonise the Ascar Giss, only the Empire of Turelion's Imperial Colony at Machestaro's Cove has managed to survive for more than a handful of years.    There are other rumours too, of other communities of monstrous humanoids that dwell within the Ascar Giss, most notably the Yuan-Ti of the lost city of Xanma'atol who are spoken of as one would discuss ghosts or fairy tales. Regardless of how one treats this gossip, all of the stories mention that these creatures prey on any that stray into their territory and that they have built magnificent cities full of treasure deep within the jungle.


The geography of the Ascar Giss is very similar to other stretches of jungle within Kelbonnar, with the primary exception being that the plants and trees that populate the region are on the whole older, and therefore much larger. This means that beneath the canopy, the area is much more gloomy, providing even more cover for predatory creatures to hunt.   Save for its northern reagions in the foothills of the Snake Tooth Mountains, the Ascar Giss is also quite flat, which means that when one is lost in its depths, it can feel like the jungle stretches on for ever.

Fauna & Flora

Like with most jungles and rainforests, the Ascar Giss has an abundant array of flora and fauna. However, on the whole more delicate plants and animals, especially those that need a lot of light tend to be rarer in the Ascar Giss, as less light filters down from the thick canopy.   One thing that is notable is that the population of Wright’s Wandering Wisteria has anecdotally been shown to be much higher in the Ascar Giss than in other jungle areas of Kelbonnar, primarily because they are said to prefer the dimmer conditions day-to-day.    The Ascar Giss is one of the few places where truly monumental spawning events of the plants take place, when one of the large trees dies and falls, creating a large open space in the jungle. Reginald Wright, the discoverer of the species disappeared whilst attempting to study one of these massed gatherings of the plants that now carry his name.
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