Situated on the southern edge of the Centric Sea, prior to the discovery of Zastral the continent of Dricaro was once thought to be the last place before the endless expanse of the Ocean of Lasimar. It is a wild place and its tough landscapes shaped the people who lived there into the hardy tribes that resisted the expansion of the Empire of Turelion. Though the north east of the continent was eventually drawn into the Empire, and became Minid Province the frozen tundra to the south, which was thought to be worthless by Machestaro I remains independent and as far as the Turelion is concerned, lawless. Whether part of the Province of Minid or not, the whole of Dricaro is still as wild and unforgiving as it has always been, as are, some would argue, its people.


The continent of Dricaro is split by the range of the Frost Fang Mountains, whose much larger, southern peaks are permanently capped with snow, and whose valleys are a network of glaciers.   To the north east of the Frost Fangs is an expanse of savannah, known as the Idrim, which is a dry grassland home to innumerable beasts and predators, which is separated from the Frost Fang Mountains to the south by the waters of Lake Ip and beyond, the Blungbik Marshes, where the tribes of northern Dricaro believe the spirits of those who die in battle or meet another violent end dwell. The north west of Dricaro is a desert, the Flulto-Gatvig, which is by its very nature a harsh landscape for any creature to call home, but which many do.   To the south of the Frost Fang Mountains, is a large expanse of frozen tundra, which is called Rivla-lwëp in the Bwĩgit language, or the ‘forgotten land’ in the common tongue. It a vast expanse dominated by frozen rock and frosted grasses, but it is still habitable, and is home to a number of hardy animal species, as well as the southern tribes of Dricaro who have always called the tundra home, as well as the displaced tribes from the north who refused to bow to the Empire of Turelion, and who were driven south and into exile. These tribes that inhabit the Rivla-lwëp are known collectively as the Abwëfbĩkii, ‘the free ones’.


  • Minid Province
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