Situated in the west of Kelbonnar at the intersections of the Icefang Ocean and the Malcont Ocean, the continent of Dricaro was once dominated by vast rolling plains of lush grass, but it is now mostly made up of the area of wasteland known as the Western Desolation. Unfortunately for Dricaro and its inhabitants, most of its landmass became the site of the first pitched battle between the Astartian and the Polephemite  forces in the Divine War, and the altercation left the once lush plains barren, but not necessarily lifeless.


The continent of Dricaro is predominantly made up of the area known now as the Western Desolation, a barren rocky wasteland that is pitted with chasms, caverns and sink holes, caused by the fighting between the Divines and Celestials belonging to two major factions in the Divine War. The conflict initially left the region nearly lifeless, but in the intervening centuries, life as begun to return, with flora and fauna principally regaining a foothold in the very scars left by the battle. Now the Western Desolation is pockmarked with sunken areas full of lush plant life, which act as oases for animals and humanoids alike.   In the east of the Western Desolation, a large island has been formed by the forking of the Ash Waters River, and on this island can be found the only substantial settlement left on Dricaro, Dasmarroval, which belongs to the Princedom of Dasmarr, who claim this entire eastern portion of the continent.   The Princedom is by no means the only foothold that humanoids have retained in the area of the Western Desolation. A number of nomadic tribes, known collectively as the Abwëfbĩkii, or the free ones in the Primordial speech ‘the free ones’ still travel the landscape, hopping between the islands of green in the otherwise grey and rocky wasteland, continuing the traditional lifestyle of their forebears even in the face of such extreme adversity.   To the north, it is a slightly different story, the rolling landscape of the Tumuli Hills afforded some protection for the Midnight Woods  an expanse of coniferous forest which is now home to most of the continents wildly occurring flora and fauna and which has become a refuge for many of the humanoid population who once lived in settlements outside of the influence of the Princedom of Dasmarr.


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