Ignored and cast aside by the Empire of Turelion, the Rivla-lwëp is an enormous expanse of frozen tundra in the south of Dricaro, which is widely deemed to be one of the harshest environments in Kelbonnar to survive in. Despite this, animals and people live there, and for the resident humanoids, the Rivla-lwëp is regarded as one of the few places in the world that is truly free of the dominance of the Empire of Turelion.


The Rivla-lwëp is a cold, rocky tundra that stretches across the entirety of the continent of Dricaro, south of the Frost Fang Mountains. It is frequently battered by frigid weather fronts that roll of the Southern Ocean to the south and the mountains to the north, which means that rarely a day goes by where snow does not fall somewhere in the tundra.   The landscape of the Rivla-lwëp itself is uneven, rocky and scarred with gorges, scree slopes, ravines and overhangs, testament to the enormous glaciers that once extended across the whole region from the Frost Fang Mountains thousands of years ago.

Fauna & Flora

Despite the harsh conditions of the Rivla-lwëp, life can still be found there. The tundra is covered in thick, sharp vegetation known locally as Ice Grass that has adapted to survive in the nutrient poor soil of the region, and which grows tall and straight in an eternal struggle to keep itself above the smothering snow. The many rocky outcrops that litter the Rivla-lwëp are as well home to lichens and mosses that cling to the frigid rocks.   All of this vegetation provides a vital lifeline for animals to survive in the tundra. As well as smaller creatures such as Snow Hares, Pikas and herds of caribou, huge herds of Mammoths roam the Rivla-lwëp, providing a food and material source for the Abwëfbĩkii people and the numerous predatory creatures that stalk the tundra.

Natural Resources

Part of the reason that the Empire of Turelion was content to leave all of the land south of the Frost Fang Mountains unconquered was because the Rivla-lwëp was deemed to have few natural resources, with what little resources present being easier and cheaper to obtain from other parts of the Empire.   As the ground, which is covered in a hard layer of permafrost, is often covered by a blanket of snow, the harsh, rocky landscape of the Rivla-lwëp Is unsuitable for farming, and severely hampers any attempts to locate or extract mineral resources. The climate of the Rivla-lwëp is one of the main drivers why the native peoples who live there, the Abwëfbĩkii maintain a hunter gather lifestyle, which is far more energy efficient and fruitful than attempting to try and tame the landscape.
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