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Stretching across the length and breadth of the continent of Euristan east of the Heavenspire Mountains and north of the Plains of Gold, the Yimawas is an immense tract of deciduous forest, whose mighty trees are renowned for being the largest in the whole of Kelbonnar.


The Yimawas is an almost unbroken swathe of forest, that stretches from the foothills of the Heavenspire Mountains to the coast and it is often said that you can walk from the shores of the Ocean of Lasimar to the slopes of the mountains to the west without ever leaving the shelter of the canopy.   The dense tree cover makes ascertaining the exact topography of the region difficult, but the Yimawas is by no means flat, but undulates naturally, with there being a preponderance of tree covered hills closer to the mountain slopes. Innumerable small rivers and streams flow through the area as well, but like the hills, they are generally shielded from view until one is directly in front of one.

Fauna & Flora

Obviously, as a forest, the flora of the Yimawas is dominated by trees. Oaks are especially prevalent, and many of these trees are large and ancient, with canopies spreading out many tens of metres. The size of the trees in the Yimawas means that many of them are spread quite widely apart, though often the branches of their canopies will overlap with one another as the trees via for dominance. This means that other species, low-light tolerant ferns especially thrive on the forest floor.   The Yimawas is a haven for numerous species of animals, both large and small, but with the Lodge of Imperial Hunters being ever stretched in their resources, the Yimawas has become a haven for large, monstrous creatures, that are able to live virtually undetected amongst the giant trees, hunting and feeding on whatever they come across.

Natural Resources

The trees of the Yimawas themselves are the most important and numerous natural resource that exists in the region. The large, tall hardwood trees, many of which are hundreds if not thousands of years old, are perfectly suited for ship building and construction. An enormous amount of logging activity takes place across Ferio Province, but especially in the south western corner of the Yimawas, where the felled trees are floated down the Yetstunsa river to the numerous lumber mills that line the shores of Lake Ikrikeng. From there the cut timber is transported down the rest of the Yetstunsa and out into the Ocean of Lasimar where it is taken far and wide across the Empire of Turelion.   Much of this timber is shipped north along the eastern coast of the Yimawas to the town of Lisman, which as the centre of ship production for the Empire has an immense hunger for timber, that cannot be slaked by the logging activity that takes place in the area of the Yimawas surrounding the town.   On a more positive note, successive Satraps of Ferio Province, have been persuaded to embark on enormous tree planting programs, not to ensure that the vast expanse of the Yimawas forest habitat continues to dominate the east of Euristan, but rather to ensure that there is always an ample supply of timber available to fuel the demand.
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