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River Cormarron

Snaking down through the northern part of the continent of Euristan, the River Cormarron is the longest and largest river within the bounds of the Empire of Turelion.   As it acts as a natural boundary, the river separates the two central provinces of the Empire of Turelion, with Ultaru Province lying on its western bank and Turelion Province on its eastern bank.   The lower section of the river is a busy trade route, connecting the capital of the Empire, Meltaro with the trade that flows down from Ultaru Province, via the town of Lysan.


Whilst technically the source of the River Cormarron lies in the Spears of Astartes mountain range, the river is not truly discernible from the myriad of water ways and lakes that make up the Destra Wetlands until emerges in the south west corner of the swampland. From there it makes its way on a relatively straight south-westerly trajectory until it reaches the waters of the Centric Sea. To the north west of the river lies the Relialo Plains and to the south east, the Plains of Gold.   For the vast majority of its length, the Cormarron is wide and deep, with sharply descending banks, which makes it ideal for the passage of shipping traffic. For the most part, this waterborne traffic is confined to the lower reaches of the river, where it connects the city of Meltaro with the logistical hub town of Lysan, but some ships do traverse the upper reaches of the river.   The river is bridged in only one place along its entire length, the town of Lysan.

Fauna & Flora

The river is well stocked with all manner of fish and the aquatic life that they in turn support. The amount of river traffic in the lower reaches of the river means that, as fishing is nearly impossible due to the constant flow of traffic, fish stocks in the lower river are unusually high, and in boom years have even exceeded the levels that the Cormarron can naturally accommodate, leading to large fish death events.
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