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The beating heart of the City-State of Ristan, the city of Ristan, named after its parent state is a large, lavish settlement, whose opulent buildings and picturesque gardens would be the envy of most capital cities.


The whole of the city is surrounded on its landward side by a curtain wall, which also extends into the Icefang Ocean, curving around to the east to create a large, artificial harbour with a restricted and therefore controlled access point. Along this curtain wall there are 10 large bastions, five facing south towards the Wyrm Steppes and five facing out into the Icefang Ocean , each of which is surmounted by a large cannon. These bastions also act as barracks for around 40 guards each.   In addition, the city’s western hill, on which stands the State Council’s chambers, the legislative and governmental heart of the city-state, is also surrounded by a curtain wall, and contains a dedicated garrison of 100 guards.

Industry & Trade

As a major trading hub, most of Ristan’s industry revolves around the transport and transfer of goods. It’s harbour is large and well provisioned with a large workforce of hauliers and dockers employed there. Likewise the city’s main trading hub the Forum of Gold is well equipped with amenities to facilitate the buying and selling of every kind of good and produce imaginable.   In addition, there is a large workforce of craftspeople in the city, some of who work for organisations, some privately who create all manner of luxury goods from the myriad of raw materials that flood into Ristan. Many of these skilled artisans also take private commissions.   Finally, there is a large fishing fleet based in the city, whose ships bring  in fresh produce every day for the tables of the humble and well-to-do alike.


During the early years of its prosperity, the City-State of Ristan regularly demolished areas within the city itself and rebuilt them to create a more purposefully planned layout. This means that the city is predominantly built on a grid structure, with well maintained paved roads linking all of its blocks and public fountains have been placed at regular intervals to provide clean, portable water to the city’s population. Wider roads, able to cope with more traffic have been constructed linking the city’s only gate with the main mercantile area, the Forum of Gold and the harbour. The entire city is also serviced by a large, well-constructed and maintained sewer network.     In addition several public gardens have been constructed around the city, to provide paces of leisure for its populace, which both its affluent and less well-to-do citizens can enjoy.

Guilds and Factions

There are four major factions in the city which co-exist in a delicate balance with one another, aware that they all rely on one another for survival. These factions are present in the shape of four guilds, the Guild of Merchants, the Guild of Crafters, the Guild of Hauliers and Dockworkers and the Guild of Fishers. Each of these guilds represents the four major areas of employment within the city, and all have a quota of 10 seats each on the State Council of the City-State of Ristan, making them significant players in the city-state’s governmental processes.


The opulence of the city and its reputation as the greatest trading hub in the north of Euristan means that many people visit the city looking to purchase luxuries and high value goods as well as to see the sights and wander through its lavish public gardens.


The sheer amount of wealth in the city means that many of its buildings, particularly those concentrated around the main thoroughfares and public spaces are grand and opulent in their design and decoration. Marble columns and friezes adorn many buildings as do elaborate stained glass windows, statues and other sculptural motifs and decorations. This goes for both public and private buildings, and there are a large number of mansion houses that have been built by the city’s wealthiest citizens, which sport their own private gardens.


Ristan is based on the tip of the Wyrm Steppes, with the expanse of grassland extending off to the south and the waves of the Icefang Ocean stretching out before it to the north. The city is based around two hills, the eastern of which is crowned by the lavish, somewhat gaudy temple of Ipsidies, the divine linked with prosperity, trade and commerce and its solid gold, monumental statue of the Divine looking out to sea, whilst the western hill is surmounted by the ornate building housing Ristan’s council chambers, public assembly and administrative offices. Between the two hills to the north is an area that was once a large area of flat beach, which has been developed over many hundreds of years into the city’s expansive harbour, with its complex of warehouses behind it. South of the two hills is the area where the majority of the city-state’s citizens reside, whilst between the hills, in an area known as the Forum of Gold, are located the many markets where the buying, selling and trading that is the city’s life blood takes place.
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