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Nonegoby Inn

Whilst from the outside this fortified inn may look slightly imposing, inside all are furnished with a warm and hearty welcome and shelter against the cold and dangers of the Wyrm Steppes, provided that they do not cause any trouble.

Purpose / Function

Whilst many saw the outbreak of the Divine War as something to be feared and dreaded, some saw the divine conflict as a turn of events ripe with opportunity. One of those people was Isadora Pilwicken who saw the destruction of most of the settled communities in the Wyrm Steppes and saw an opportunity to establish a safe haven for travellers, one that would be small enough to avoid becoming a target in the unpredictable events of the Divine War, but large enough that it would become a regular port of call for those making the journey through the steppes.   Over the years the Nonegoby has evolved from being a simple inn to a fortified outpost which offers a slew of different services operated by the many members of the Pilwicken extended family and it provides all of the necessities that a traveller may need.   In addition, its positioning at the main crossroads in the north of the Wyrm Steppes means that it has also become a hub for the exchange of goods between those travelling from the north or south of the Wyrm Steppes or from the Empire of Turelion to the east who may not wish to venture too far afield. In exchange for acting as agents, middle men and impartial overseers in these transactions, the Pilwicken family take a small percentage tithe of each transaction made within their walls.


The entirety of the Nonegoby sight covers a large area which encompasses the main inn building, stables, a smithy, storerooms and a general store all surrounded by a sturdy stone wall.   The main inn building itself is square in shape, with three stories above ground and two stories below. Its walls are made of thick stone with numerous windows, all of which can be shuttered from both the inside and the outside. The roof of the structure is pitched, but there is also a flat walkway projecting from the base of the roof, which has been kitted out with wooden battlements and murder holes should the inn be attacked. In a similar vein all of the doors providing access to the establishment are thick, metal studded wood, with multiple locks and a crossbars fitted.   The ground floor of the main building contains the inn’s prodigious kitchen and taproom, the first floor private meeting dining and bed rooms and the third floor is where the many members of the Pilwicken family live. The first of the basement levels has been laid out as one large bunk house room, whilst the second basement floor beneath it acts as cold storage and the beer and wine cellar.
Founding Date
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  The Nonegoby Inn has been owned by the Pilwicken family ever since it was founded and as the business is very much regarded as a family business hundreds of the Pilwicken family have lived and worked at the Inn during its 540 years, and counting of operation.

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