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The second city of Ferio Province, Angtarrion is a vitally important settlement in the Empire of Turelion more widely as it is home to the naval dockyards where the ships of the Imperial Navy are constructed and maintained. The quality of the craftsmanship of the shipwrights of Angtarrion is widely known across Kelbonnar’s Material Plane, and the city’s crafts people often take on contracts to build ships for private individuals and geopolitical entities from well beyond the borders of the Empire, and many of the vast merchantmen that make up the trading fleets of the City-State of Ristan and the Merchant Princedom of Hastellion began life in Angtarrion’s dry docks.


The city is a mixed species settlement, but the largest racial groups within the city are made up of Gnomes, Half-Orcs, Dwarves and Humans.   The vast majority of the city’s population is regarded as being lower income and status, but Angtarrion has a much lower rate of unemployment and destitution compared to other settlements in the Empire of Turelion and Kelbonnar more widely, principally because the shipwright industry requires so many hands and has so many varied jobs that any who are willing can find gainful employment within the sector.   The industrial focus of the city does also mean that there is a high proportion of skilled crafts people amongst the populace and there is a healthy proportion of wealthy citizens, many of whom own the dockyards and shipwrights that have put Angtarrion on the map.


The city is governed on behalf of the Satrap of Ferio Province by the city Alderman, who, along with their staff, is responsible for the operation of the city and its harbour.


Angtarrion is defended on its landward side by a curtain wall that extends along the city’s western edge, extending down to the sea at both of its extremities. On the seaward side, instead of attempting to protect the miles of docks in a walled harbour, artificial islands topped with forts have been built along the shoreline, with integrated gun emplacements to defend the city against attacks from the sea.   Mindful that Angtarrion would be a key target for the activities of the Kelrik Pirates, the city is host to a garrison of around 2,000 Ferio Provincial Troops, to ensure the safety of this strategic location.   The presence of the many dockyards in the city means that Angtarrion also benefits from having an increased defence force throughout most of the year, as there is generally at least one or two ships from the Imperial Navy in port for repairs, whose sailors and marines can be called up for city defence in desperate situations. Likewise, the cadets of the Imperial Naval College can be called upon in dire situations as well.

Industry & Trade

The bread and butter of Angtarrion’s industry are the dockyards and shipwrights that take up the entirety of the city’s waterfront. All of these shipbuilding enterprises are privately owned and run, with many having been granted contracts by the Imperial Bureau to build, maintain and repair ships of the Imperial Navy. This industry is by far the biggest employer in the city.   Additionally, there are a number of other concerns linked to ship-building that have sprung up in Angtarrion, principally manufacturers of sail cloth, builders of gun carriages and craftsmen specialising in the creation of various pieces of navigation equipment that are employed by military, merchantman and pleasure craft alike. There is also a specialist sub-industry which focuses around the production and maintenance of Elemental Cores, which can be installed, albeit for a very high price, to provide a constant source of propulsion onto ships, provided that their owners can afford it.


The vast majority of the city’s infrastructure is geared towards ensuring that the work of the shipwrights and docks can continue unabated. The area around the waterfront is amply supplied with large well maintained roads, which link directly with the Plains Way, the major artery that cuts through The Wresmella, linking the lumber communities of Ferio Province with Angtarrion and the coast.   The high water table of the city means that it has not been feasible to construct an underground sewage system, but instead a system of covered drainage channels, regularly flushed out with water pumped from the Centric Sea acts to keep the streets clean and dispose of waste directly into the sea.   One advantage of the high water table is that it is easy to construct wells in the city with relatively little digging, so there are thought to be more wells and fountains per capita in Angtarrion providing fresh water to its citizens than anywhere else in the Empire of Turelion.

Guilds and Factions

The largest faction by far in Angtarrion if the city’s Guild of Shipwrights, who represent all those involved in the ship building industry. Whilst they were originally formed to protect the rights of the manual labourers, the organisation has since grown to incorporate most skilled crafts people and even owners of the ship-building concerns. This means that the Guild is now more concerned with protecting the interests of the industry as a whole rather than worker’s rights.

Points of interest

The concentration of dockyards in the city, along with the fact that a large number of the ships of the Imperial Navy pass through Angtarrion every year to undergo repairs and routine maintenance means that the city is also host to the Imperial Naval College, which trains officers and navigators who will go on to ply the high seas in the cause of the Empire of Turelion.


The high water table of the area on which the city is situated means that it is not possible to construct particularly tall buildings, as it is difficult to construct anything that needs particularly deep foundations. This means that most of the city’s buildings are restricted to about 3 stories in height. Most of the buildings in the city are rather utilitarian in fashion, with a focus on cramming in as many dwellings as possible rather than creating anything aesthetically pleasing. The grandest buildings in the city are either the private dwellings of the owners of the ship-building concerns and the Imperial Naval College, which has a grand colonnaded building right on the sea front.


The city is situated on a long sweeping section of flat coastline, which benefits from having a deep water draft coming right up to the shoreline, which allows for large ships to be brought within several metres of the shore without risk of becoming beached. Much of this coastline has now been covered with docks, shipyards and dry-docks, which sprawl for several miles along the coast. The city itself is situated behind on the flat coastal plain that is part of The Wresmella.
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