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Given that the The Emperor of Turelion and Kelbonnar is only one person, and that their time is incredibly precious, there is not enough time in the Imperial schedule to allow for the minutiae of managing the administration of each of the eleven provinces of the Empire of Turelion. Instead, the responsibility for managing the provinces falls to the eleven Satraps, each of whom takes charge of a given province on behalf of the Emperor. As each Satrap has so much within their remit and so many different resources at their disposal, they are essentially kings and queens of their allotted province, in all but name, having carte blanche to act however they please, as long as they can justify the result to the Emperor and their advisors.


Though technically, only those with a detailed understanding of administration, governance, commerce and military are properly qualified to be appointed as a Satrap, in reality, no one is held to these requirements. Money and influence speaks far louder than qualifications when it comes to being elected to one of the 11 Provinces.


The appointment of a Satrap is compete at the discretion of the Emperor, whose say on the matter is final.   Officially, no one else has input into the process of selecting a Satrap for any of the provinces, but in reality the Emperor’s advisors will curate a list of desirable candidates for vacant positions, which will then be presented to the Emperor for their consideration. This means that there is a lot of backroom dealing that takes place, with influential families trying to convince the Emperor’s Advisors to include people on the list of potential candidates. Whilst some upstanding families only resort to trying to put forward their best case as to why their candidate should be considered, many other families are very comfortable convincing the Imperial Advisors through large bribes and other favours.


Each Strap is responsible for the day to day running of the province they have been put in charge of. As each individual province is responsible for their own finances, defence, infrastructure and commerce, amongst other duties, the Satrap is expected to oversee all of this activity and ensure that the province in question is run a well as possible on the Emperor’s behalf.   In reality, much like the Emperor, Satraps have an enormous staff of provincial officials at their disposal, so they will only really tend to get directly involved in the most important of situations, generally when their own position or reputation is placed in jeopardy. There is many a disgruntled Imperial or Provincial administrator who will happily tell anyone who will listen that the position of Satrap is almost exclusively ceremonial, and that the real work is done by the people below them.


Though Satraps do not receive any specific equipment to fulfil their role, they are provided with all manner of perks, which theoretically make their duties easier to complete, but which in reality are more geared up to providing for their comfort.   All Satraps are given the right to live in the requisite Provincial Palace for the area that they serve, all of which are located within the Provincial Capitals of each Province, as well as a Satrapal Summer Residence, which is located outside of each Provincial Capital, generally a few days ride from the hustle and bustle of the city and set within sumptuous grounds and pleasure gardens. These residences include both residential and official spaces, and each Provincial Palace is directly attached to the Province’s administration complex.   As well as this, Satraps are given use of a personal Firewings for their conveyance as well as ship to convey them over larger distances. Stables full of horses and other beasts of burden are also placed at the disposal of each Satrap and their staff. Access to these means of transportation is supposed to encourage the Satraps to become more involved with the business taking place within their provinces beyond the walls of the Provincial Capital, and to encourage them to travel regularly around their charges, but in reality, Satraps only tour their Provinces when absolutely necessary.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

As with the appointment of a Satrap, the removal of one is the Emperor’s prerogative.   Here again though, there is room for the Imperial Advisors to weight the scales in the manner that they choose, by pointing out flaws or failings in a particular Satrap’s record, and, unless a Satrap has don, or not done something that directly draws the wrath of the Emperor, it is generally his advisors who will moot the question of whether a Satrap should be removed from office. As with the election of Satraps, the Imperial Advisors unofficial influence in this is ripe for abuse.
Civic, Political
Form of Address
My Lord Satrap/My Lady Satrap
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