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Draig Mount

The only volcano in the northern reaches of the Dragons' Tears Mountains, Draig Mount is now a mostly dormant peak that was once home to the fallen dragon Umbraconis.


One of the tallest peaks in the Dragons' Tears Mountains, Draig Mount is a volcano that has been mostly dormant for many centuries, though it still disgorges a continuous stream of smoke into the sky and occasionally tendrils of lava ooze down its upper slopes. It is situated in the north eastern section of the range, a day or twos journey north of the City-State of Kazkmal. It is easily visible from many miles away, especially when viewed from the Desolation of Hissh to the north and the Wyld Woods to the south.   Within the volcano itself is a network of caverns many of which are very large, so large in fact that they could comfortably accommodate a creature the size of an elder Dragon (see below).    

The Shadow of Umbraconis

    Once the caverns of Draig Mount were home to the ancient Dragon Umbraconis and its tunnels were full of gold and treasure, carefully gathered over centuries by the creature. However, when Umbraconis was banished to the Shadowfell, his treasure was banished with him, and now the mountain’s halls are only full of shadows that mockingly take the form of the once magnificent hoard. Some claim that the treasure can still be accessed though by those who know how to pierce the barrier of shadows, but these claims are always accompanied by a warning that terrible consequences will likely befall those that intrude upon the place.

Fauna & Flora

The caustic sulphurous atmosphere generated by the volcano, along with the periodic hazard of slowing lava means that no flora or fauna resides on the mountain. Even creatures that would normally be attracted to such an environment shun the place and it is said that the disquiet spirit of Umbraconis haunts the place and keeps unwelcome creatures away.


Occasionally adventurers and scholars travel to Draig Mount, attracted by tales of the hoard that the Dragon Umbraconis was said to have gathered there. Few of these foolhardy souls ever return and those that do not speak of whatever horrors they witnessed within the mountain.
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