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Plains of Gold

The heart of the Imperial Province, the Plains of Gold are renowned as being one of the most agriculturally productive areas in the whole of Kelbonnar, and since the foundation of the Empire of Turelion, they have been turned to producing luxury food crops and fine wines to grace the tables of the Imperial capital Meltaro and the tables of the Provincial nobility far and wide.


The Plains of Gold were originally a vast area of flat grassland, that has now been almost completely turned into managed agricultural land. The areas naturally fertile soil makes it ideal for the growing of crops, which is why it has been continuously exploited for agriculture for thousands of years.   The only exception to this are the areas of the plains that border the Destra Wetlands. Here the incursions of the swamp's acidic, peaty soil and waterlogged conditions have made the land much less fertile and large parts of this border region have been left to remain as the grassland that was once characteristic of the whole region.

Fauna & Flora

As a heavily agricultural region, the flora and fauna present in the Plains of Gold reflect the crops cultivated and the animals bred there, rather than creatures that were once native to the region (see below). Any herbivorous or carnivorous animals that stray down into the plains are treated as a risk to either the crops or farmed animals and strict pest control measures are enacted to ensure that only the plants and animals intended to thrive in the Plains of Gold do so.

Natural Resources

Originally the Plains of Gold were named after the vast stretches of wheat that was farmed there an agricultural resource that proved invaluable during the War of Imperial Formation, and the concentration of so much wheat meant that in summer many parts of the region took on a golden hue from horizon to horizon as the crop ripened.   Whilst wheat is still grown in the region in large quantities, the name the ‘Plains of Gold’ is now becoming more and more figurative than descriptive. This is because the importation of wheat and other staple food crops from elsewhere in the Empire of Turelion means that the landowning nobility have turned their agricultural estates in the area towards the production of much more luxury crops, such as figs, quinces, soft fruits and grapes for the production of wine. Large areas of pasture land for the rearing of beef cattle have also appeared too and in combination the agricultural assets of the Plains of Gold are through to be worth hundreds of millions of gold Crowns.
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