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The Kelrik Isles

In the north-west of the Centric Sea, are the idyllic Kelrik Isles. The Isles are a vast network of islands, some so small they can barely sustain a single palm tree, and some large enough to support significant populations. The northern part of the Kelrik Isles is administered within the Empire of Turelion as part of Pelenar Province, whilst the largest of the southern isles makes up the Kingdom of Corcyra. As for the rest of the southern isles, they are a lawless place that harbour many safe harbours from which the Kelrik Pirates strike out in search of prey.


As its name suggests, the Kelrik Isles is an enormous archipelago that occupies the north western parts of the Centric Sea. Its overall climate is tropical, which means that many of the islands are covered in palm forests, with the largest being covered in thick jungle undergrowth.   The islands that make up the archipelago range vastly in size from those that are little more than strips of sand sticking out of the waters of the Centric Sea, to those like Jamilez that are practically small continents in their own right.   Like the islands themselves, the channels in-between them are irregular in terms of both their size and depth, with some so large that sea-going ships can easily navigate them and even pass one another, and with some so small that they can be jumped over.   The Isles’ situation means that they are frequently battered by storms that either roll in from over the Dragons' Tears Mountains to the west, or from the open mass of the Centric Sea to the south.
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