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Though Jamilez is the largest of the islands in the Kelrik Isles, that does not mean that it has the most available land, as it is dominated by enormous tracts of mangrove swamp that divide the island into isolate patches of habitable land, that are only accessible by boat.


The largest island amongst the Kelrik Isles, though Jamilez is physically a single entity, it is hard to get this perspective from the ground, as the whole area is crisscrossed by streams, creeks and rivulets which form the massive mangrove swamp that dominates the island. The predominance of the mangroves makes it hard to navigate around the island by any means other than by boat, which makes it an ideal haunt for the likes of the Kelrik Pirates and other bands of ne’er-do-wells, who are content to use the island to lie low in, despite the fact that the Port Salaz, the Provincial capital of Pelenar Province is situated on Jamilez’s south coast.   There are patches of dry land on the island, some of which are quite substantial, and in these places the landscape is dominated by palm trees that are best suited to survive in Jamilez’s sandy soil. Many of these areas have had their native palm trees cut down so that villages and towns can be built on the more stable, dry ground, or so that the land can be used for agriculture.

Fauna & Flora

Jamilez’s flora is mainly composed by the mangrove tree, whose vast networks of twisting roots dominate the majority of the island. In larger areas of dry land, palm trees and other tropical plants grow, though the nutrient poor sandy soil of the Kelrik Isles does limit what plants can grow there.   Despite the relative lack of diversity amongst the plant life, there is an abundance of fauna on Jamilez. Innumerable species of fish dwell in amongst the roots and channels of the island’s mangrove swamps and hundreds of species of birds can be found nesting in the trees. Larger creatures such as wild pigs, deer and aquatic herbivores such as manatees are also found there. Naturally, predatory creatures can be found on the island too, with the salt water of the mangroves being home to salt-water crocodiles and sharks who swim into the watery passages from the Centric Sea.
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