The Imperial Order of Knights

The Imperial Order of Knights is an organisation that was created shortly after the foundation of the Empire of Turelion, with the aim of ensuring that the majority of the activities carried out by Knightly Houses within the borders of the Empire, was carried out by one under Imperial control.


Based out of the provincial capital of Turelion ProvinceScyath, the Imperial Order of Knights is presided over by the Knight Commissar, who has ultimate control over all of the Order’s activities. Unlike in other Knightly Houses of Kelbonnar where one of the Paladins themselves is elevated the position of command, the Knight Commissar is not a member of the Knightly House, but who is instead an official appointed from the Imperial Church of Astartes. This arrangement means that the Imperial institution has a tighter hold over the Order’s activities and is better able to direct them in accordance with what is a strategic priority.   The Knight Commissar reports to the Congregation of Lords on the activities of the Order, as well as referring troubling incidents and cases that the Order’s members encounter directly to the Imperial Inquisition and the Imperial Church of Astartes.   Beneath the Knight Commissar, the Paladins of the order exist in a military style hierarchy, with appointment to higher ranks being very much dependent on their loyalty to the Emperor, the Divine Astartes and their ability to curry favour with the Knight Commissar.   Whilst ostensibly it may not feel that the Knight Commissar holds that much sway over the Paladins of the order themselves, as they often grumble about being led by a ‘cleric’, all of the Order’s members know that the run a serious risk of being stripped of their position and privileges should they refuse to cooperate with the Knight Commissar’s demands.

Public Agenda

Ostensibly the Imperial Order of Knights exists to fulfil the role within the Empire of Turelion that the other Knightly Houses do across Kelbonnar - keep the lands safe from monstrosities.     Whilst the Imperial Order of Knights do undoubtedly fulfil this function, unlike the other politically neutral Knightly Houses, they also act as a tool to ensure that populations across the Empire remain loyal to the Emperor. Predominately the work that the Order conduct is for the common good, but stories do emerge from time to time of coordinated operations taking place whereby the Imperial Inquisition plant evidence of vile magics or monstrous deeds in the property of people they wish to get rid of, and Paladins of the Imperial Order of Knights using this as an excuse to arrest them.


The Order’s headquarters is located in Scyath and it is a sprawling palace complex that provides enough space for all of the full members of the Order to be housed when they are not deployed on missions, along with space to house and train all of the Squires who are working to be admitted as full Paladins. The palace is also large enough to permanently house the Knight Commissar, their family and their staff.


The Imperial Order of Knights recruits and trains its own Paladins who act on the orders of the Knight Commissar and both defend the Order’s headquarters and undertake tasks appointed to them across the Empire. All Imperial Knights are experienced warriors, highly trained in all manner of combat.


In keeping with the official religion of the Empire of Turelion, the Imperial Order of Knights is dedicated to the Divines Astartes, whose domain is war and conflict.    Paladins of the Order are trained to channel the divine fury that Astartes personifies into their strikes, making them fierce and awe-inspiring warriors on the battlefield.
Founding Date
420 DP
Military, Knightly Order
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